Monday, June 18, 2007

Some stuffo

You know something stupid I keep doing? Despite the trouble it causes? Putting my hair in a bun when it's wet. It hurts! A few hours later all the poor hair is being yanked so tight, I feel like it leaves bruises when I touch the top of my head. Solution? Don't wash hair? Or what? Gotta do something with it, and I don't like blow driers.

So I got another nosebleed at work again today. I set it as my away message on meebo even, and hours later, when I wasn't even on meebo, someone sent me a message about it. He was using a program that I abandoned long ago because it couldn't keep up with the features of msn and yahoo, so when my friends who were using msnmessenger or yahoomessenger or even aim tried to use different special features, I couldn't use them too. So I just started using the individual programs instead of the catch-all one which ended up causing me more trouble anyway. The away message from hours previous was displaying current on his messenger... too bad for him.

Anyway, we decided that I'm apparently stressed... stress can really do a number on you... in the form of various methods of discomfort. Since I haven't been eating much lately I haven't been able to get sick, but that doesn't really help keep me from feeling uncomfortable most of the time I'm awake.

What else... for some reason, I cannot post youtube videos to my blog. I don't know why... must investigate. I had been able to do this in the past but for a long time I haven't been able to. Foro a long time I tried posting a particular Malcolm X speech but it wasn't working. Today I tried posting a music video and that didn't work either. Too bad I guess.

I had cubicle training at work today. That was... lame... but I did learn how to adjust the keyboard tray so that the angle is now a "slight negative" to ease the pressure on my wrists and supposedly make my typing more ergonomic. It was convenient since I did a lot of typing today at work...

There will be a henna party at my apartment next week inshaaAllah. Yay? I've never even been to a henna party and now I'm apparently co-hosting one. WHOOPS! Yeah it was a surprise when I found out, but what else can I say than, "Oh, ok, I'll clean out the fridge." We need to get a table, too, but hey, the sister in charge of the food is a lady who used to live next door to my sister. When she found out I was Muslim, and then I was my sister's sister, it was very fun on Eid. She halfway recognized me and couldn't explain it. Anyway, that's happy, that she'll be there inshaaAllah.

This is my last week of school before a week-long break! Hey, you know what that means?? *wink wink* More work! Don't ask what that noise was, ok? But either way it means this summer school business is halfway over! Alhamdulillah I'll be so happy when it's over, really. I don't think I'll get much of a "break" per se, only two more weeks at the end of summer school until the fall semester starts. But... but, but, but. That's all. I'm hopeful.

A sister at the masjid asked me to help in creating a video (yeah I dunno why she asked me either) for the new muslimah party this year. The New Muslimah party is a sort of annual event put on by the women's committee, a dinner for Muslimahs only, to help welcome the newer sisters into the community. It looks like it's going to be the weekend of ISNA actually, inshaaAllah, so I might not even be there. I am trying to make it to ISNA since I don't think ICNA will be a realistic possibility. But come to think of it, I'm just sure there's a wedding that weekend... always is, I'm just not sure right now whose. I guess Labor Day Weekend makes a good time if you need days of partying and having family in town. I dunno. I'm not in to all that.

Oh... I thought about taking a picture of it, it was so strange... the other night I was up in the middle of the night, like 3 am or something, and I go into the kitchen... and there is a plant in the dish drainer. It was in it's pot... sitting in the dish drainer. I was very confused... the plant moved to the window, though, now it's sitting beside the glass door. I don't know where it came from, what it was doing in the dish drainer... creepy plants...

Oh one more thing... the video... if you (reader) are a convert to Islam and have a funny experience to share about entering to Muslim community (trust me, I've got tons) that is not offensive, I'd love to hear it! Jazakumallahu khairan.

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