Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dragon Breath

I remember the first time I ate "Pakistani" food. It was at the ICNA Convention last summer. I remember it because it didn't go so well. Prior to then, I can't recall any gatherings with Muslims anyway, especially with food involved. So like I said... it didn't go so well. hehe. But I ate nothing but that for the entire weekend, and by the end all was well and I've not had any real problems since. Now, I'd say I can't get enough of it. I now love spicy food, though my family can tell you that I gladly shied away from any kind of extra seasoning, save a little salt and pepper. (Or maybe a lot of pepper, in the case of green bean casserole...) But moving out "into the world" as it were, I've explored all new varieties of seasoning food and I like it.

I've discovered that Abou Ganouge downtown Raleigh has the best curry chicken... ever. It used to be called BabaGannouj which makes more sense, but now it's under new ownership. However, this later name is actually a chain of stores, there's one in Cary and also in Apex. I've discovered that the one in Apex, even though it sells curry chicken and it looks the same... it's not. It's very bland. Although, I have it on good authority that the Apex store is spicy as well. I should say though, that I don't just like to eat there because the food is spicy but Muslims own and run the stores. It's nice to have a greeting (salaam) before and after lunch or dinner... plus really tasty food.

There's one store not far from here that actually serves halal meat, called King Kabob. Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Indian food, they advertise. Some of my friends used to eat there on Fridays because they have a buffet.... mmmm. Dangerous, that is. But I stopped by there last week to get some byriani... it was delicious. And just this weekend at the seminar, they had ordered lunch for us on sunday and... yes, it was byriani again!! And there was some leftovers so being the starving college student working two jobs (ok, I'm not starving, but there's a reason I work two jobs...) I took some home with me. No, I wasn't the only one to do that but alhamdulillah it is helping to feed me this week. Alhamdulillah for many things. Byriani among them.

So I wonder when I eat all this spicy food, really, how awful my breath must smell!! I find that terribly amusing and I can't help but laugh. Rawr.

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Ibn Abd-el-Shafy said...

I must be very tired. Your last paragraph had me in stitches.

Rawr back at ya.