Friday, June 15, 2007

Roller Skating

When I was a kid... like 8... we used to go to this place sometimes in a real run-down part of town for parties and stuff. It was called the "Skate Ranch." Really run down. But it was fun to go... I was "decent" at roller skating I guess, until roller blades became popular and... well... I fell down a lot. But I was just invited to a "Night of Mayhem" hosted by some Muslimahs I know, at the Skate Ranch. One of the hosts I've never seen wear anything but a jilbab so.............. I have this hilarious thought of a bunch of sisters roller-skating, but their jilbabs and abayas getting stuck under the wheels and toppling over...

ok so I think that's funny?

Maybe I have "issues" I need to reconcile.

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