Thursday, June 21, 2007


When I was in HS, I had a math teacher who would assign homework (naturally, don't they all do that?) In class, she would check our notes to see if we'd done or attempted it. She was very disappointed in me, you see, because I would only do it about half the time.

But I had a knack for doing very well on the quizzes and tests. Usually not perfect 100 but 92, 94, pretty often. That was 11th grade, but it pretty much was my story in calculus too. I wasn't too big on homework but quizzes and tests were not a problem. I didn't even study that much. The material was just very intuitive. Geometry for me was not that way, but most other math classes I've taken have been that way. This is what I like about electrical engineering... the math.

But sometimes the math is not intuitive. I'm the weirdo (compared to all the other EE students I know) who preferred electromagnetic fields to linear systems. I failed linear systems, mind you, it was very difficult for me. Looking back, I think it's because of how I chose to look at it. When I start looking at things discretely, I begin to have trouble. Computer logic I was never too good at. As far as programming, sure, but muxes and switches and things, I never got the hang.

But now I look at this communications class and it's take the fourier transform of this, the probability of that, convolve this and that other thing, add these signals... maybe I get it? Or maybe it's just easy and I'm flattering myself. Anyway, the homework problem is still with me...

But I had a test in this class Tuesday and the average was, high, an 88. But the top score was a 99. Mine.

Alhamdulillah. I really like good grades.


Ibn Abd-el-Shafy said...

...really big goofy grin...

I have a comment. But it's inappropriate for your blog.

Amy said...

Inquiring minds want to know.

"...really big goofy grin..." isn't a comment. You fail.