Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fake News?

Just yesterday I happened to turn on the television news, and was listening distractedly to their reports. A news clip may be only 10-15 seconds, and they cover several... most are devoid of any real information, but what was disturbing to me most was how it seemed like... TV. As if I were watching a TV show or a movie, and this was the news a character was watching. A very bizarre sensation. Yet it seemed that even the news wasn't real. Maybe someone just made it up. A fire in some neighborhood--news that should be devastating seemed hardly out of the ordinary. A hurricane (or is it now a depression?) threatening the gulf coast. A Caribbean terror plot on JFK airport. That was the very funny one. The media, you see, have already mistakenly identified said alleged terrorists (who incidentally happen to be Muslim) as Muslim terrorists, as if their little scheme had anything to do with Islam. I question whether it was really a plot at all--all it seems to amount to in my mind is evil wishful thinking on the part of some South American fools.

I hate to say it, but I wonder if this was another in a line of manufactured terror plots designed to instill fear in the American public. To support that suggestion, let's consider what the news reports insist upon including... mostly, how bad such an attack could have been, assuming it could have ever happened. They seem reluctant to admit that there was absolutely chance of it ever happening. What are we to think?

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