Saturday, June 23, 2007


Right, so despite the fact that I'm overwhelmed with stress, I'm getting dragged back into MAS. It starts with emails like "WE MISS YOU! WHERE ARE YOU?" and then bumping into people at the masjid who ask, "Are you coming to on Saturday?" and despite a really good excuse like, "I have to work" they somehow don't believe me.... two jobs plus summer school isn't a good enough excuse to not do MAS apparently.

So I took off work and am planning to go tomorrow inshaaAllah to watch some films that will, I just know it, make me very angry about the current state of American-Middle Eastern politics. I'm going to be pissed or in tears, possibly both at the same time... I expect it to be a long day.

I carry a lot of stress, you know? Pent up inside. I release on my blog sometimes... sometimes I write posts that I never publish. Sometimes I have somebody to listen to my rants. My roommate and I have had a few good chats lately, sometimes I just need to "dump" all my baggage... she does the same. So we have chats and we both feel better afterwards. :-)

Anyway, this MAS Day at the Cinema thing is being marketed as a family event... not really sure about that, but I don't have kids so I'll be there anyway. There is supposed to be some entertainment... maybe it'll be fun? Hmmm. We'll see inshaAllah. If I start posting tomorrow night railing about politics... that'll probably be why.

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