Sunday, June 17, 2007

I drop things

Just a few days ago, maybe a week or something ago, it occurred to me that sometimes my brain vacates my body. Just yesterday I had to describe myself as somewhat "absent-minded." The truth is I can only handle a certain number of "objects" in my mind at any given time. Sometimes... an "object" that should be safely still, several feet away from me... well, maybe it leaves my mind, and I forget that pulling some cord which is attached to that "object" might possibly affect it somehow... like yanking it out of that safely still position and onto the floor. It happens... sometimes.

And smaller things? I drop them more. Or forget them... push them off the table, dump them out of my purse. You know, cell phones these days are pretty sturdy, designed to be dropped. My old cell phone was pretty great about it, I dropped it on concrete once and split it open. All I had to do was mash it back together and voila! it worked again. My current cell phone works fine but it got a little scratched. My brother in law is an airplane mechanic and his cell phone... talk about a little scratched... it's like a gray egg, you can't really tell what it is till he opens it up.

I remember at one point thinking that such absent-mindedness was cute, but hear me now, it's extremely frustrating!! "You dropped your laptop?" What, come on, I didn't do it on purpose! It's just one of those things that happens sometimes. It's not a convenient trait in the kitchen, I should say. It's led to burnt toast on more than one occasion. And when driving... I try very hard to make the road my priority, so I say "huh?" and "one more time please" in conversations... on the phone or to the passenger. And the radio? Heh, forget that!

I'm really bad about radios and TVs and things. If I want to watch or listen, and I don't immediately find something... I'm not going to sit there looking for something or listening, I just turn it off. Maybe that's not so bad. The TV drains so much time anyway. And once it's on, it hates to be turned off.

Anyway... just more randomness from me.

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