Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mundane things

He's been sleeping in my bed... and he peed on the carpet, so now the gate is up and I won't let him back down the hallway to sleep with me anymore.

It was really cute, though, after he peed on the carpet. Like he knew it was bad. I was playing the piano in a back bedroom and he came and sat by my feet. (It's annoying because it gets in the way of the pedal, but it was cute.) He'd walk around the piano, my chair, maybe whimper a bit. I didn't even know, at that point... then later I looked out the hall. Haha. Like he wanted to be cute for me so he wouldn't get in trouble. Then I saw it... and he cowered. He looked so pitiful, so I didn't yell or do anything. (Not like it'd do any good.) I talked to him while he stood there, halfway laying down almost, tail between his legs, not making eye-contact... cute. Then cleaned up the mess and replaced the gate. So now he doesn't come wake me up at 3am trying to sneak under the covers.

For now I'm staying at my parents' house. It should be good... they don't have cable so I'm less inclined to watch tv, but I just spend time on the net instead. I have been slightly more studious. Although, tomorrow I apparently have a quiz at the arabic seminar that I'm not prepared for at all. I'm still irritated at them for changing the time of the seminar.

If you tell people 4pm-9pm, saturday and sunday.... shouldn't they expect and plan on 4-9, saturday and sunday? Apparently not. Apparently they reserve the right to change the time, at the last minute, to 10a-3pm on one of the days. Not that they'll tell you which day until a week in advance. I don't get a day off you know. I work every single day of the week, 4 hours each day of the weekend. So I have to take off when they change the schedule like this and it would really help to know in advance!! But either way.. quiz tomorrow on some words.

And you know... the really sad thing is, I'm irritated with the change in timing, I'm irritated the instructor missed a day of the last seminar and now we're behind, I'm irritated that the instructor didn't cover much material that day in the first place, and I'm irritated at his teaching style which I find to be uniquely rude to the "hijabi" side. It all makes me consider him, fairly or not, incompetent to teach. Not to mention even his english leaves something to be desired. Sigh. Frankly, I'm irritated, and I don't want to go. Can you believe it? I actually don't want to go learn Arabic. Am I irritated because I don't want to go? Or do I not want to go because I'm irritated? I want to learn Arabic, I love learning it, and I love studying it. But I do not like that new instructor and I don't like his seminars.

I have verbs to learn.


Leena said...

What a cutie!

Aviator said...

lol, many opnions and just for review.
Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The purification of the utensil belonging to any one of you, after it is licked by a dog, lies in washing it seven times, using sand for the first time. (Sahih Muslim)


Amy said: "If you tell people 4pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday.... "

Five hours at the same day!!

I find it much better to have a 20 minutes lesson every day, after Maghrib or Ishaa, rather than five hours at the weekends.

This is will help to learn much faster, and without forgetting what learned at the last day.


Not only you are irritated with an Arabic instructor, many folks her are the same when study Arabic at school. Actually, I don't know why many Arabic teachers specifically have bad teaching styles!

However, not all instructors are the same. I had EXCELLENT Arabic teachers at school, who I grateful to them a lot. I really benefited from them.

Amy said...

Yeah, this is why Muslims are so afraid of dogs apparently. I've seen it before--grown men running for the hills due to that little creature you see in the picture, just described as "what a cutie!" He's quite adorable really and very sweet. He couldn't stand to stay inside after I got home tonight, and was so excited he snuck out the door (had to be pretty quick to do this) while I went out again to get more bags from my car (I took two trips because I was in a bit of a hurry the first time...). I guess he was afraid I was going to leave without him, but he ran out to the car, and when I opened the door he jumped onto the seat. Wasn't going to let me leave him alone this time.

Just now it's started to thunder off in the distance, as soon as it becomes audible he comes running over and sits at my feet. Poor puppy is scared.

But I don't let him lick my utensils, no sirree. And I keep him out of the room I pray in and wash up before I pray. I even asked the imam about this once because you see, I used to live with this dog all the time when I first became Muslim and first started to pray. A dog does not make you impure. It's urine, just like urine, makes a place to pray unfit for it--and he suggested to me at the time if I was afraid he had peed where I was praying, I simply put something (like a rug) over the area. His saliva does not break wudu, although it's better to wash it off anyway, where it's touched. And if he has peed on your clothes... well that's kind of gross, need I say more?

I'm going to write a new post about the Arabic seminar. Thanks for your comments. :-)

Aviator said...

Amy said: "I've seen it before--grown men running for the hills due to that little creature you see in the picture, just described as "what a cutie!""

lol, i have called 911 and the police station two times before for crazy dogs in the area around me !!!! But i did not call because i am afraid of najasa!

It is 21 injections if they bite me!

I was riding my bicyle one night (after ishaa) and two dogs ran behind me !! howhowhowhow!!!! They are crazy dogs and no one owns them !! they were about two meters to catch me, then i started to defense and say "how how..". they got afraid, and lost hope !!

Another time: the house near my building has two, looks, small dogs. They are not tied. When i walk or ride my bicylce on the street in front of them, they run behind me!!! Finally, i brought the police for them and he asked me to call animal control to make a ticket for these neighbour.

Then, i decided not to walk or ride a bicyle at night in the states without a long stick! kidding

Amy said...


I don't know how, leave me alone!!!


My friend's German shepherd jumped on me once when I was 8 or 9, but that's the only real dog scare I've had personally.