Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm angry... I want to offer the following warning to people reading my blog.

On WhyIslam and now on my blog, someone is trying to impersonate me to disseminate a message about WhyIslam, and about ICNA. I do not know the facts of the situation and have not found them available to the public. I want to stay out of the mess, there is suspicion rising on both sides against our brothers in Islam! And I hate that, so please don't think I am spreading this message. There was a comment on my last blog post, I have deleted it. If you see any posts on my blog by "Aviatrix" I insist they are not me. All my blog comments can be identified by my name, Amy. Although I do go by the userid "Aviatrix" on WhyIslam and some other forums, I do not use it on my blog. If you see any such comments before I can delete them, be aware that they are not mine, and in no way shape or form do they represent my thoughts or opinions, or even facts regarding the situation.

I may be impersonated in other places as well, unfortunately, and I hope my friends know my stand on this issue. I beg my brothers and sisters in Islam to avoid backbiting and avoid slander. Spreading gossip and rumors is not good in Islam, and misrepresenting oneself (i.e., pretending to be me) is a lie.

We put our trust in Allah, who has power over all things and knows the truth of all matters.

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