Friday, June 15, 2007

Cubicle Training

So the office moved... and now instead of an "office" with at least three walls I have a cubicle. 3 and a half partition-walls that are at least as tall as I am (that's nice) and a big gaping hole behind me for people to stare in at me while I work... ok so I'm not thrilled. But on another note, I have just as much space as anynoe else which is quite a bit more than I had before. I have shelves... loads of shelves. Tons of desk space. (Before I had only my desk and my computer was on it, so I had about half of it as working space. I now have space to organize all my projects (I had 17 I found out when I transferred them...) and space still to lay out the signal plans to look at so I don't have to keep rolling and unrolling them. So this is good. I have a few drawers that are... locked... but all in all it's not so bad, I guess.

We have "cubicle training" next week. No joke. And "chair training." Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Silly. I have a chair today (didn't have one yesterday.) I don't like it but it is a step up from the one I had before, that I'll admit.

But in addition to all these plans I still have to work on, next week I'm supposed to sort files. Um... not thrilled. But at least it's not me by myself this time.

Random bits... I had a test this week... it was awful. I need to do better about getting up early in the mornings, it's causing me real trouble right now. I accidentally froze a pepper in the fridge. I thawed it... half of it is all soggy now and won't dry out. Basically, our fridge gets real cold, and things in the back freeze. Happens a lot unfortunately. I found a box of raisins I bought a while ago in the cabinet this week too, that was nice. I've been eating raisins since.

I think someone nearby smokes... I can smell it, but I'm sure the building does not allow smoking... ick. Whoever he is, and he must smoke a lot for me to smell it like that. I know several people who work here do... when will this addictive indulgence have passed our society, can we abandon it and all the trouble it causes?

Oh, the printer is no longer in my "office" because of course I don't have an office anymore. It's just on the other side of one of my cubicle walls... but... that means I have to walk down this little pathway, turn a corner and walk around the block almost to get there and come back.

More to come, perhaps...

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