Monday, July 23, 2007


So, guess who is engaged! Okay, before you guess and start asking questions that apparently make some people uncomfortable, let me just tell you...

My brother!! He finally proposed to his girlfriend (of like 3 years). He's had the ring for a while now, and was hiding it around their apartment (they've been living together for a year) so she wouldn't find it, but he finally popped the question. She'd been planning the wedding since long before I met her, but she and I have been good friends for a while now, as close to me as my sisters really. Now she can finally start moving on her plans I suppose, like buying the dress she's dreamed of, and making her own center-pieces (since she's all craft-oriented like that.) The date is set to be either April or September in 2009, because her dad I think wants her to be 21. She wants to get married soon, her dad wants her to get married later (step-dad, I should say.) My brother wants to get married soon but for some reason wants to take a cruise to Europe and prefers September to April. Can't say I know why. I went to Europe in April and it was lovely (except for the north of France where it was decidedly frigid the whole week we were there. Frigid and damp...)

So anyway, congrats to him, best wishes to her, and I hope they have a happy engagement, unlike someone I know.

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Amilah said...

Thats sweet. Congrats to your brother, and congrats to you. You've gained a new sister. May Allah guide them both to the deen, ameen.