Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Losing track of time

My watch... has died. Okay, so that's a little dramatic. I seem to go through watches at an astonishing rate. I prefer to always have a watch on my wrist... I usually wear it on my right wrist.

I consult it several times a day, even though I really don't need to. My "biological clock" as it were is pretty precise. I can tell that especially now as I don't have a watch. And I don't have a clock to see for hours... I can still tell. It's kind of neat really; I was sitting in a movie theater Sunday evening, and was well into the movie when it occurs to me, "Hm, I wonder if maghrib has come in yet?" And yes, it had! Just a moment or two before, actually. And since the movie was probably near being finished, I opted to wait until the end and I prayed at home, in plenty of time really. I wake up, fairly confident I know what time it is. And as long as it's you know, some normal hour in the morning... I do okay. If I stay in bed all morning it gets tricky until I get up.

But the problem with my watch is that I take it off a lot. I would take it off to type in particular, especially since I got a laptop. I take it off to make wudhu. I take it off to cook and do the dishes. I end up leaving it in the bathroom, on a shelf in my room, on the kitchen counter, on my desk at work. And... I lose it. I'm not too bad at remembering where I put it since I usually put it in the same places. But that shelf...? Well, it apparently fell off the shelf and into my laundry basket. For a week or so, I couldn't find it. I could hear it (it beeps on the hour, you know) but never long enough to actually find it. I did find it when I ran the laundry... I found it in the bottom of the washing machine once I'd pulled all the clothes into the dryer. But it was okay! A very sturdy water-resistant watch, hardly damaged at all. It still functioned perfectly. So I pull it out and wait for it to dry, and start wearing it again the next day.

Maybe two days later... because it was a few days at least that I'd worn it normally... it fell off in salaat. Afterwards I pick it up to examine why it fell off, and one of the seams in the band had fallen apart, allowing two parts to separate, and thus fall off my wrist. So my watch is dead. I have the clock piece and part of a band that I keep in my purse, in case I need to keep track of time on a desk or something and wouldn't like to use my cell phone. But I'm using my phone a lot anyway. I don't like doing that, it means I have to carry my purse anyway and make sure I have my phone. (I'm pretty bad about not having my phone with me when people call.)

So I haven't really lost track of time, since I'm pretty good for keeping up with it. But at the same time... I tend to stop doing things on time. I know what time it is, but I start running late anyway. And I care less. As if because I have no numbers staring at me and telling me I'm not doing it right, I don't care... odd? Maybe. But I find myself late to work, late to class, or forgetting work altogether like happened one night. (I literally forgot about a shift that I work every week...) And I do have the cell phone but... without the wristwatch life is just different. I can't quite explain it.

It seems like my watches never do really last that long. It's time to go get another one now. Should've remembered that earlier while I was at Wal-mart, huh?

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Hopeful said...

assallamu alaikum,

LOL sis, your post sounds sooo familiar! I'm always taking my watch off and putting it ''somewhere safe'' while I make wudu, wash dishes etc... Once I couldnt remember where it was. SubhanAllah, when I started my prayer (it was duhr time), I remember where I'd put it! In the pocket of my bathroom robe!
I remember a sister saying to me once, if you forget something just pray two rakahs! Before you've finished you'll have remembered what you've forgotten! Shaitaan's little trick of taking away from the khushoo' of the prayer!

Audhu billahi minash shaitaanir rajeem.