Sunday, July 29, 2007

Huey is my hero

My roommate went to a sort of family reunion a few weeks back, and left with the first season of Boondocks on DVD. You might be familiar with the cartoon, the one appearing in the comic section of the newspaper, or the series showing on Cartoon Network.

Anyway, that very day she pops in the first DVD. Hilarity ensues.

There's no way to briefly summarize without doing the entire premise injustice. The only thing I really regret about the show is the language--I'm afraid to watch too much for fear that I adopt such vulgarity into my own vernacular--but I know it's there for effect and... well, without it, the show would lose a lot of its humor.

And wherein lies the humor but in the truth? The shameful, critical truth in the eyes of a 10-year old boy looking at his 8-year old brother. We've watched the first two DVDs and I think one episode on the third. A fascinating look at our American society... we laugh but we should all look at such criticism I think with a somber eye, and strive to change the reality instead of indulging in the entertainment which blinds us from it.


Anonymous said...

As-salamu alaykum,

Hey yo, it's me SS from WI. I didn't know you liked the Boondocks! :D I like it too. I didn't start watching it untill last summer and got addicted to it. Huey isn't one of my favorite characters but yeah he points out a lot of things wrong, especially in the Black community. I can't wait untill the second season comes out and hope it is released before the end of the year. Insha'Allah, it'll come out in the fall. I read some of the comics before and it's pretty good, but I still like the show over the comics. :)

Amy said...

Wa-alaikum as-salaam

Well honestly I just discovered it. I'm not a big newspaper reader. If I had to look at a funny page, Boondocks would be the first I'd read, but I didn't read it much. The show was hilarious, definitely... but I don't want to start dropping n-bombs and f-bombs and h-bombs and other bad language that the show is filled to the brim with. That's my real hesitation. I'll try and watch the last disk this week inshaaAllah. There's a website I found that adds a strip each day. But the show is just hilarious. Huey is my favorite because of the way he looks at his surroundings. "How am I gonna get you out of jail? I'm ten!" Riley is a trip... but Huey's my favorite. :-)

Modern Muslimah said...

I borrowed the Boondocks from the library. I was in tears. As an American and a black woman, I saw so many truths in that cartoon. It's awesome. You're right about the language. It's vulgar at times.