Monday, July 02, 2007

The mess, my room

So my room is a mess and I didn't clean it this weekend like I should have... or last week, or really anytime lately. But I took this picture of something interesting sitting on my floor.

See that phone? That's my "home phone," which isn't even plugged in right now. Nobody calls me here so... hey, why bother listening to it ring? But it sits there on the floor for one purpose... sometimes, I lose my cell phone, you see... and the solution of course (since I don't turn it off) is to call it, making it ring or vibrate or at least light up. And what better way to do that than to... dial it from the home phone? Yes, of course. So when the need arises, or if I have to make a call from the house for some bizarre reason, I can always plug it in. So it sits near the jack, which is behind that laundry basket filled with some swimming/work-out clothes. Last summer I did some water aerobics at a.. um... pool. But modesty got the better of me.

But the reason the picture is interesting is the nest of cables, which is now home to a hair thingy.

The cables that are "sort of" in a circle--that is a CAT-5 cable actually, 25ft long. Why do I have a 25ft long CAT-5 in my room, you might ask? This is because I'm a strange person, isn't it? Yes it is! Before I upgraded to wireless internet, I used to use said cable to get cable internet at my parents' house. It ran under the house, from the main PC (from the router actually, which was at the main PC) in the kitchen of all places, through the crawl space, and came back inside in my room... it was "just" long enough, and it pulled at that. When I moved in to this apartment I took the cable (which my parents weren't using) and planned to link it between my roommate's room with her PC (via router) and mine. It was much longer than necessary... and now with the laptop I just got a wireless router to save myself all that trouble anyway. Not sure what to do with a 25-ft CAT-5 though. Anyone know if a nice home?

Right so the cable is the dorky part, and the other thing is the girly part... it's a hair straightener. We had a henna party here this week actually and the idea of straightening my hair came up (not from me.) She suggested I use her flat iron, but I told her I have my own! And it's bigger! And it's ceramic too! But I didn't use it, haven't used it in months.

Anyway, I thought it interesting to see the two sitting together like that. I gotta get rid of the cable, and find a place to store the flat iron. My one little cabinet is getting full... but for now it's home to the curling iron and blow drier, which I use even less frequently than the flat iron. Haha! I took a quiz today, 'are you high maintenance?' The results came back kind of like a "no." Materially? No, not even halfway to high maintenance. Emotionally? No... between the "no" end and halfway. And looks? Well I came in at the bottom, and the response said either I am naturally beautiful and very self-confident, or have complete disregard for the opinion of others.

Clearly, the latter.

But anyway. Henna party, so, I had some done. This is my hand.


Aviator said...

Still home phone has a big benefit... which is to verify where the caller is calling... specially if the caller doesn't know or remember his address... like a boy in a new city at the outer banks...

That is when you call 911 and say:"Come immediately and take this big wild dog away from my glass dooooooor !! "
She say:"What address sir??"

He say:" mmmm... i don't know !! Can't you get the address from the phone number ??"

and yep, 911 could reach the house through the home phone; which was impossible to achieve with a cell phone...

and hehh, finally, the gentle boy discovered that the dog used to get food every night from the previous residents of his new house ...

Amy said...


Well that's true. But usually I know where I am anyway, and just call with my cell phone and it's no problem. If I had to call 911 and wanted them to come without being able to talk I could dial from the phone. But I picked it up off the floor now and put it away.

Nonetheless, glad to see you're getting along with the 'big wild dog.'