Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Crack

So... guess what. I'm still sick. For a week now, I have been taking this Tylenol, and it helps tremendously. But even so, I'm still sick enough to be taking it, which I must admit is pretty frustrating. This weekend I tried to wean myself off of it, well into the 2nd box. And you know what happened? When I woke up Monday morning, some 12 hours or more since the last pill... I was a mess. I even called in sick to work (which I never do... I call in for school, to study for tests, to go to the dentist--usually I give advance notice for that anyway, but never have I called in, that I can recall, saying I was too sick to come in.) My roommate came into my room that morning (I needed to give her a check for the rent actually) and at 10am I couldn't see (eyes gunked up) and couldn't really breathe (congested and coughing horribly, causing crying which didn't help with the seeing.) I went back to sleep until 3pm in fact, after taking some pills, and then made it to my afternoon class. With a constant supply of meds, Tuesday wasn't too bad. Now it's Wednesday, and waking up is still awful, I still haven't figured out how this stuff gets into my eyes, but alhamdulillah... it is finally starting to break up in my chest, for real. I know, because I am coughing up little bits. Nothing big, and most of the time my throat is very sore from coughing dry, but I hope the meds are starting to break up the congestion and thin it out some. I've had to start walking further to get to class (parking enforcement) now but I am able to make the walk, which indicates to me at least that breathing is better. I remember a week ago when I couldn't walk half or less that distance without being ready to collapse. So alhamdulillah, I'm getting better, it's just a slow journey. And Monday was disappointing, to have actually gotten worse.

So I'm into my third box of Tylenol now... I feel like an addict or something. I can feel it start to wear off, I start coughing outrageously for the last 45 minutes of the 4 hours before I can take more. So anyway... my "crack." Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Severe. So is there maybe, more drugs in those pills than I really need? Nope... that's what's so sorry about this stupid cold... it's got everything. I might have to start getting the night-time pills, too, because I can't stay asleep at night now; I wake up about every 1-2 hours. Then again, since I don't normally sleep for 7-8 hours straight it might not be a good idea. (There being only 6 hours between isha and fajr make me think I might not be able to get up if I take it.)

But here's another bonus... in my Purification of the Heart book, hunger is a recommended way to cure several diseases of the heart. So maybe my heart is getting clean too (with my lungs, bronchial tubes, nasal passages, etc) by barely eating. Half the times I do eat I get sick to my stomach, so there were some days I didn't really eat anything except applesauce.

I want to be well again. :-(


Amilah said...

assallamu alaikum sis,

If I could visit you and bring some nice warm barley soup! Tahuran inshaAllah sis, hope you are feeling better soon. **hugs**

Amy said...

walaikum as-salaam

bless you!

therehman said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope you are recuperating well. Take some citrus fruits that should speed up the recovery and lots of water also helps. You are going to be just fine, InshaAllah.

Take good care of yourself.