Wednesday, July 25, 2007

70% Less Fat

I can't help it... I like pizza. My roommate and I frequently (once a week or every other week) buy a frozen Red Baron 4-Cheese pizza. Okay, so usually it's me and not her... it's an easy, quick, simple, and tasty dinner, with leftovers too! But eating the same cheese pizza gets kind of old--Muslims don't eat pork so I gave up pepperoni pizza years ago. I remember my parents ordering it anyway, and me sneaking the pepperoni to the dog so my parents wouldn't know, at first and later, wouldn't get offended. He liked it...

But anyway, finding places to sell a "halal" pepperoni pizza is difficult. I know the MSA orders pizza for its meetings fairly often but I don't know where, actually. (I have found out since the other day, though, and it's beef pepperoni they use.) Usually they order just cheese pizza, but there was pepperoni once. Exciting... okay, so it doesn't take much to excite me.

A few weeks ago when I was at my brother's, he wanted to make calzones; he's pretty tolerant about my not eating pork (especially because he finds it a Biblically validated dietary restriction), but suggested I could get turkey pepperoni instead. And I thought, hey that's pretty neat! So I tried it... and guess what... yum! He didn't like it, thought it tasted very different. Maybe it did, but it's been so long since I ate real pepperoni I couldn't tell the difference...

So the other day when I decided to go the frozen pizza route again, I found the turkey pepperoni (which is boldly labeled as having 70% less fat than regular pepperoni) in the... uh... pepperoni section?... and got some. When my roommate got home, after I'd already cooked the 4-cheese plus turkey pepperoni, I'm sitting on the sofa eating a slice and she sees the rest of the pizza on the stove. "You couldn't resist?" she says. "Had to indulge in the swine?" she asks. "It's turkey!" I insist. With skepticism, "Oh... ok..." So she has some too, and very happy I am to have such an exciting pizza that's not just cheese! :-) I showed her the package too, to show it's turkey. So... yay.

Not that it's so great to eat pizza so often, especially with the pepperoni which isn't the healthiest of foods... but hey... there is 70% less fat than regular pepperoni! :-D

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Leena said...

Salam, there are also many great vegetarian "meat substitutes" for pizza toppings.