Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Roommates who don't live with me...

Last weekend, Saturday really, I spent a lot of time at work in the lab. Actually, between 3:30 Saturday morning and 3:30 Sunday morning, I worked 12 hours. 3:30-11:30 am, then I slept basically until 9:30 pm, and went to work again at 11:30pm to 3:30 am Sunday. That isn't my normal schedule, but I forgot that I took an extra shift Saturday and instead of going to sleep early like I should've, I tried to stay up, until it was really too late to get sleep anyway. But it was Saturday night/Sunday morning when I came home from work (3:30) I got a nasty surprise.

It started with the drunks in the parking lot, effectively blocking the drive-entrance to the complex and I had to wait for them to meander out of the way before driving in to park. Now there were people lingering all around the front of my building, so I drove around to the back, hoping to avoid them. That was my plan...

There were a few people around the back but I just walked past and didn't have any trouble. Then I'm heading up the steps and walking towards my apartment and see a guy and a girl who I don't recognize walk out the door. (The guy looked a little like some guy who I think lives downstairs from me.) Anyway, they walk out the door, so of course it is unlocked... which, quite honestly, really freaked me out, because there were a lot of drunk people hanging around.

So the guy and girl walk down the other set of steps (the ones I didn't come up) and never saw me (backs to me, so I never saw their faces, actually) and I step inside and lock the door... and look around at the mess that is my kitchen.

Beer spilled in front of the fridge (the whole kitchen wreaked of it, btw), an orange half-way sliced sitting on the counter, beer spilled all over the counter, both sinks filled with Rachel's old spaghetti dishes (the only thing she can cook is spaghetti, and she uses big big dishes for it, which she leaves filling up the sink...). There was a 6-pack of something on the counter as well, and I had a bottle of juice somebody had taken out and left on the counter. It was gross, and it stank.

I spent the next hour or so griping to a friend online about this, but at some point Albert was yelling at Rachel in the bedroom beside mine, he didn't want her to go out there with "them," but sure enough, out Rachel goes to join the drinking yelling mess outside. Yes... this means Albert was spending the night... ugh.

Anyway, I can hear people intermittently entering the kitchen and leaving. Around about the time to pray, I get all spiffed up in jilbab and all, and head out... and decide to take the steps I normally do, not realizing that, oh yeah, I parked in the back. So I turn to go back through the breezeway instead of walking outside the building, but run into Rachel, stumbling around and some other people who I don't know. She was /very/ drunk, and attempts to try to introduce me, "hey, that's my roommate..." and I'm just trying to clear through this bunch of drunks to eventually get to my car... ooooh boy. So I go to the mosque, and pray fajr. And then I decide that I'll stay a while, so I grabbed a copy of the Qur'an they had and read Surah Hud... slowly. There were some brothers talking occasionally that kind of distracted me. Anyway, I go back home later, and there's Rachel... and the girl I didn't recognize beforehand who was actually her friend Sarah (I know her) and then the guy... still don't know who he is. It's past 6am now, it's getting bright out, I don't know what they were doing, but they're sitting out in front of the apartment door while everyone else has probably crashed. Ugh. So I say hellos and then go in and go to bed.

Mind you, the kitchen of course was still stinking mess... that wasn't clean even by Monday when I finally decided to clean up the beer off the floor so I wouldn't step in it.

Drunk people bumbling around in my kitchen at night does not give me peace of mind, nor their leaving the door unlocked in the middle of the night with lots of strange people around. Rachel really hadn't given me much trouble before then, since I first moved... but now I'm grateful that I won't be living with her much longer.

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Holly said...

wow sounds like fun.....NOT When did you start this blog? well I'll be off and on. luv ya and salaam Holly