Monday, July 31, 2006


So... I was supposed to move yesterday. I say "supposed to" because I didn't move yesterday, the man with the truck couldn't make it. InshaAllah I will today, after work. I am exhausted, physically... from packing and other things, partly the resemblance of the atmosphere to a sauna, lately. But I've just eaten lunch and now the urge to fall asleep is coming on... and strong. Just like a Monday. Only 5 more hours to go!

I have to wonder... how many all-zabiha restaurants are there in Raleigh? Not being someone who eats all-zabiha, and honestly just makes an effort to avoid haram when it comes to food, I don't know the answer. I only know of one such place, because they recently opened, and left fliers on everybody's car at jumma'ah two weeks in a row. And I've been there, know where it is, and know the food is pretty good if you can eat that stuff... spicy stuff.

So why would somebody who does try to eat only zabiha ask me for a restaurant to eat at? I don't know... unless he gets out even less frequently than I do. You'd think I would have to ask him. Nevertheless, 100% halal Pakistani restaurants are the least of my worries these days.

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