Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hijabi Running Club

I really want to figure out what other sisters do to work out and exercise. I never have worn hijab while exercising, and don't know that I want to, and I also don't go to a ladies-only gym. My opinion on ladies-only gyms is that they are deficient in a few key areas: staff, equipment, hours of operation. Which means you never get to use a machine you want (if they have free weights, those are normally always "free," as girls tend to not like to lift) especially if what you want to use is a treadmill or elliptical trainer or stairmaster or some other cardio thing. And then some ladies only gyms have only the cardio trainers and no weight machines for strength training. (Gasp!) On top of which, they tend to operate from 8-5... obviously not the best to fit in to a busy schedule. So I'm ruling out that option.

I used to prefer running outdoors... far superior to running on a machine, anyway. Now that I live in a not so great neighborhood, running outdoors doesn't thrill me so much. So I went to the gym that I go to, which usually isn't crowded, has plenty of equipment and qualified staff, is open until 9pm... wearing pants and a t-shirt. It's one place I really couldn't stand to go in hijab. And part of it is the looks I'd get, but I really just can't imagine working out in hijab. The best I can do is a bandana over my hair and long sleeves, but in July I have a hard time with that.

I have seen hijabis walking at the lake (even a woman in full veil, face and all!) but I have a hard time with that... I'm not sure why, exactly. I do mean power-walking, btw, not just a leisurely stroll. Nevertheless... is there an easy solution to this?

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