Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes, I'm still alive

Of course, I just haven't been posting in a while. I have been a little busy. Last week I had two enormous tests, and a lab report. And this week I had a lab report, and decided to pretend I'm not taking one of my 4-credit hour engineering classes to make more time in my schedule for things like sleep.

I had a great time at the beach... thought everyone should know.

Last night I told my parents that I was Muslim. That was pretty awkward--I told them over dinner, with very little warning. Of course, they probably had suspected for some time.

It's been tough lately, my mom was cooking more pork than usual, and I don't know if on purpose. I opted not to tell the girl planning my weekend retreat that I didn't eat pork, not figuring she would plan to cook it... bad idea. We had sausage for breakfast with the pancakes, and ham for dinner! I could skip the sausage no problem and just eat pancakes, but at dinner, just potatoes and casserole was not very filling. When I got home Sunday my mom cooked a pork stew-like dish. Rather than actually serving myself any, I just put some carrots and potatoes on my plate instead of any pork, and ate that. And then last Sunday she made chicken cordon blue (packaged stuff, not home made.) I pulled the ham out and just ate the chicken and cheese and breading. My dad asked why I wasn't eating it, I just said I didn't feel like it.

And then my dad wanted to order pizza two or three times in the last two weeks... I hate to be a nuisance so, "Sure, pepperoni is fine." And I pull it off, sneak it to the dog. But all that hiding just got old...

So I told them. More to come later inshallah.

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