Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Friday--yippee

On my way in to work today, I thought of dozens of gems to share on my blog but they vanished behind the heap of work sitting in front of my computer.

I am going to the beach this weekend, leaving tonight. Now, in Raleigh it may be 65 today, and positively gorgeous, but at the beach, that feels like 50-55. So tomorrow, when it's going to be 50 in Raleigh... well, it's going to be frigid. And I am going to laugh so hard when people get pushed into the water. And it's not going to be me this time!

In case you don't know, on our last retreat I got pushed into the lake. There are some pretty awful pictures of it floating around on the internet too... I am not amused. But I am definitely looking forward to hanging out with my girls all weekend. And I'm going to come back so high and.. feminine, probably. Hanging out with only girls for a few days tends to have that effect.

The key question for the evening is: will NC State choke tonight against California? It's at 7:20... and since I'll probably be driving through most of that game, in a part of the state where nobody lives and probably can't get radio... somebody should call me every 10 minutes for updates, right? :-D

What is up with the green on St. Patick's Day? I never really understood that, except that lately it's just an excuse to get drunk. I was giving a friend of mine a ride yesterday, and she tells me that another of my friends is going all-out for this "holiday" with banners and decorations... so I'd better wear green. So I made a modest effort, sort of. There is green in the shirt I'm wearing... which happens to be covered up mostly by my sweater, and the rest by my hijab, so. When I got onto campus, these girls started running at me, "here, wear this so you don't get pinched!" It was a green ribbon with a pin. Uh... right. If somebody tries to pinch me, he's got another thing coming; that's all I have to say.

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