Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So about grand-daddy...

My family had this conference tonight where we got together to talk about my aunt and my grandfather. My granddad is in the hospital right now, after exhibiting some strange behavior characteristics of a combination of various problems old people have. There is talk of putting him in a home, because he literally cannot take care of himself at this point, and needs almost constant supervision.

My aunt (my grandfather's daughter-in-law), the queen of exaggeration, has told us a variety of silliness about her own problems, which in actuality are probably quite serious, but she won't be able to take care of my grandfather for much longer. My uncle (my mother's brother) isn't home much and my cousin isn't interested in taking care of my grandfather. But she and her husband (who happens to be her first cousin) have moved in, presumably to take care of my aunt and uncle (who isn't doing so good now that my aunt is ill.)

Yeah, I thought my family is weird, until I found out that my cousin is married to her cousin--that seriously takes the prize of all the screwed-up-ness of this family. I could write volumes on that alone.

But my family, that is my immediate family being my parents, siblings, and their spouses, would like to bring my grandfather down here (3-4 hours away from where he is now) so we can have him put somwhere to be taken care of, and where we can visit him. It's not practical for us to visit him with my aunt/uncle in Charlottesville or where he wants to be, in Hopewell. His family is aging as well (btw he'll be 88 tomorrow inshallah) and couldn't visit him even if he were there.
So right now my family is trying to get power of attorney and have him moved down here. Will that be more comfortable for him? I don't know.

How much longer is my aunt going to last? I have no idea... what she said, or what my parents said she said, is apparently nonsense according to my bro-in-law who is a nurse. It's tough to say.

So anyway, that is how my life is currently. It is apparently legal in Virginia to marry your first cousin. Sigh.

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