Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where has the time gone?

I really don't like it when I forget my watch. It seems to happen a lot because I take it off all the time to wash my hands/arms, and then forget to put it on. Today I remembered when I turned off of my street coming to work. But I was running late already and decided not to go back. So my cell phone will be my clock today. You'd think being in front of a computer all day I wouldn't need a watch but... some of us like on our hands I guess.

I have gotten some very kind words of encouragement from some brothers I work with. I never had told anyone that I'm Muslim, but wearing the scarf makes it rather obvious. But these two have said some very nice things about the scarf, and my converting to Islam. One wants me to meet his wife and daughters because he thinks I would be a good example (they don't wear the scarf) and one has offered to help me learn Arabic. Yay. :-)

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Amilah said...

assallamu alaikum sis :)

Just wanted to give u a **thumbs up**. MashaAllah you are doing great sis, take each day as it comes. Its a tough journey, but may Allah reward you with the same reward as those early muslims who persevered in times of hardship.

your sis always.