Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Speaking of clouds...

They were gorgeous this morning. Driving in for school they dumped on me half an ocean I think, but by the time I was coming into work they were very interesting. All the shades of gray, illuminated from the top but on the bottom just like ocean waves... upside down. They're gone now, and the sun is out, but I've never seen quite such an interesting cloudy sky as this morning. :-)

Blogger.com seems to be giving me trouble today--I'm not sure if this will even be posted. And I can't spend too much time on it anyway because my life is due tomorrow, in the form of a lab report on transistors, some linear systems homework, a post on how to write proposals, and an outline (for my group) of a proposal for our final project. I'm excited like a kid in a candy store... really. I love transistors. I love stepping on them... crunch.

I have a little story to tell. A good friend of mine bought me some hijabs as a gift, since I started wearing the scarf. I pitched a fit at first, declining the offer... and maybe I should have continued to say no. Because they came in yesterday (and they're lovely, really, exactly the kind that I prefer to wear) while my dad was home. Hm, a package for Amy? Who is it from? "Hijabs-R-Us." So he looks it up on the internet. I was horrified when I talked to him on the phone, and he told me he had looked it up. I don't know what he found out, but surely he was going to catch on to this scarf business (haven't yet told him I'm Muslim.)

When I got home (he wasn't there) I took them to my room, kind of hoping (out of sight out of mind) that he would forget about them. He did most of the night, until right before he was heading to bed he barged in to my room and asked to see them. Now, the funny thing is that he had not just looked to see what hijabs were, but apparently he really liked them! He told me that he saw some that were really pretty which is why he wanted to see mine, and I showed him. Well, he wasn't that impressed (I think he liked one that had large flowers or trees or something on it) but he did ask me... (uh-oh) do I wear these as scarves or headcovers?

Uhhhhhhhh..... both?

How to explain!? Luckily I didn't have to, that was enough of an answer. But I'm pretty sure my parents saw me walk in to the house in a hijab (I forgot to take it off) one night, and they didn't say anything then. I can't imagine that my parents have not caught on... but I think they're going to deny it as long as possible.

I did have an interesting discussion with my dad last night. He told me that he just couldn't talk about Islam with me... it just made him mad, and he didn't want to talk about it. So I guess that is the deal, don't talk about it, nobody wants to know. And maybe they can even ignore the scarf too, in time.

Inshallah, this situation will ease up soon, so I can learn all about transistors and how they crunch.


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