Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goodbye Carolina

Boston College beats UNC, 85-82! Yes!

Mostly, I'm writing this post to simply kill time. My grandfather isn't doing so well, he's in the hospital right now and my mother is on the phone with my aunt. But she can't hear very well if the TV is on or if I'm playing piano so I'm on my computer. Go figure. ;-)

A few notes... WhyIslam sent me, in my revert care package, this pretty, but unfortunately carolina blue, hijab to wear. The only problem with it (aside from being carolina blue) is that I can't find many clothes that seem to match it right. But I wear it sometimes anyway. And, oddly enough, despite the pale blue color, I get more compliments on it than any of my other. Hm.

Last night I attended a presentation at the mosque that was basically a video of a speech by Sherman Jackson. It was supposed to be about Muslims in America, and the media, but it was more about how the history of Islam, and the classical Islamic period, are vitally important for understanding how Muslims should behave in this country--where society functions differently than in Middle Eastern countries and other places where Islam has dominated for centuries. While interesting, it seemed more like common sense to me... but left me with less faith in "local" imams who are from other countries, if their understanding of Islam is more restrictive to the country in which they were raised, and studied. As if I needed another excuse not to trust people... shame.

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