Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soap and Water

My grandmother used to tell this joke, it seems like everytime we went to visit her.

There was an elderly lady living outside town who had a reputation of not being very clean. Now, the town had just gotten a new preacher, and since the lady didn't have many friends, he went to go and visit her one night.

She cooked him a very nice meal and as they sat down to eat, he noticed that her dishes seemed a little bit dirty, so he asked politely about whether she was sure they had been washed. She replied that she washed her dishes every night with Soap and Water. So the man went ahead and ate the meal, commenting afterwards about how delicious the food was.

Then, as she started to clean the table, the lady took the dishes and called out the door, "Here Soap, here Water!"

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Shobar said...

the lady follow "green way of living" for sure...hehehehe