Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Absurdities Abound Regarding Terrorism

I came across this article today, and as I began to read it became astonishingly confused. At first I was taking it seriously, not sure what it was exactly but giving it the benefit of the doubt, but then I went and read the letter it cited up front, and realized that this "Investigative Project on Terrorism" is just a Muslim-bashing front.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism ( has obtained a letter ( sent by seven House Democrats to Attorney General Eric Holder invoking a list of complaints from radical Islamist groups and asking that Holder meet with representatives from those militant groups, most of which have defended violent jihad.
Please read the letter, and look at the complaints. I think they're perfectly reasonable. It looks like Muslims consulted their elected officials and explained some concerns they had about the way the Dept. of Justice has been operating. The letter asks the Attorney General to meet with leaders of some organizations mentioned to help allay the fears of Muslims.

But if you read the paragraph above, you might think the Congressmen were asking the AG to meet with Al-Qa'ida! First it refers to the organizations as being "radical Islamist groups" and then it calls them "militant!" Do you know what it's talking about? CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MANA, MAS-FF, AMA, MPAC, MSA, and MUNA! These organizations aren't radical, "Islamist," or militant.

The article goes on in attempts to paint these organizations as evil terror-mongering types, trying to show ties to overseas groups associated with terrorism. Muslims were just asking for justice, as America is supposed to be a nation of justice, and they're accused of terrorism. Now that is scary.
Ironically, the letter was received by Mr. Holder's office on the very same day that 8 radical Islamists from Raleigh, North Carolina were indicted on terrorism charges in a plot to carry out "violent jihad" and Islamic martyrdom (suicide) operations.
This point I thought was totally irrelevant, since the public is not aware of any evidence in this case, the men were just indicted on Monday, and the case isn't even mentioned in the letter. Clearly the writing of the letter took place before any news broke about the indictments. So there's no irony at all.

The last line of this quote also makes me wonder, does the author (of that article) really think that a Muslim has to commit suicide to be a martyr? When did that happen? A person committing suicide basically nullifies his martyrdom.

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