Thursday, July 09, 2009

Meaningful Prayer

For the students of Qabeelat Nurayn, the recent Al-Maghrib seminar on Fiqh of Salah (Divine Link) followed another Bayyinah seminar called Meaningful Prayer, Vocabulary of Salah. So before learning all the fiqh (legal rulings) pertaining to the performance of the salah, the students had the chance to enrich their salah by improving their understanding of the Arabic phrases used in the prayer.

I was afraid I wouldn't have the opportunity to benefit from this most recent Bayyinah seminar since it wasn't coming to Raleigh, even though I was planning to attend Divine Link in DC. But alhamdulillah, now that I've taken Divine Link, I have the opportunity to take Meaningful Prayer as well, since it was announced about a month ago that the class would come to Raleigh, inshaaAllaah. Alhamdulillah. And the class is scheduled for this weekend.

So now that I know I'm performing my prayer properly, at least from a fiqh perspective, I can explore in depth the meaning of what I'm saying to enhance the sweetness of the act, inshaaAllaah.

Course Trailer. Message to Raleigh students from Instructor, Shaykh Abdul Nasir.

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