Saturday, July 25, 2009

Open House Media Coverage

WRAL Web: Islamic Center of Raleigh holds open house

WRAL Video: Islamic Center holds open house in Raleigh

USA Today

News 14 Carolina (note that the text misquotes the speaker on the matter of hijab, the sister actually said hijab means covering everything except face, hands...)

(InshaaAllaah I'll update any further coverage.)


Jamilah said...

not a niqabi in sight? Any go to your masjid?

Amy said...

Uhhhh... what?

Whoa sorry, I'm confused. Were you present at the Open House? I don't think so... so maybe you're relying on the news video? But it doesn't show hardly any Muslims in the first place--mostly non-Muslims, actually.

And there are plenty of niqabis at my masjid. However, none of the sisters who volunteered to help at today's event were niqabis, that I know of. And Muslims who were not volunteering at the event were discouraged from attending, for a number of reasons. We had almost 700 non-Muslims visiting the mosque, taking tours and visiting booths and exhibits, and attending an hour and a half long presentation that filled the main musallah to standing room only.

So it was not an open house for Muslims, but rather for non-Muslims. There are plenty of niqabi women in the community, who come to the masjid--especially in the private school which operates on the masjid campus.

Ali Zelmat said...

Eek, I didn't realize she misquoted me! But, that's definitely not what I said.

Amy said...

Ali, when I read the bottom of the article I was really surprised it said that. I remember another sister being similarly misquoted about hijab, strangely enough.

But if anyone watches the video they can see exactly what you said--that hijab means covering everything except the face and hands.

It's such a weird misquote, though.