Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ax the AXE

Is anyone annoyed with male body spray commercials suggesting that women, upon smelling a sweaty guy covered in their product, will instantly swoon and quite literally fall all over him?

Personally I thought they were just silly until the girls in my Sunday school class mentioned to me that the boys they went to school with would use the body spray without even showering--which, needless to say, didn't combine into a terribly pleasant odor. Apparently the little boys are under the impression that women like the smell of this stuff when in reality it's just a new level of gross.

I do wonder why men are encouraged to wear fragrances to the mosque, though, and women really aren't supposed to.


Ali Zelmat said...

This type of commercial is exactly why I stopped watching TV!

Anonymous said...

We don't question the Hadith.

Amy said...

We don't question the Hadith but we should ask quetions about them, to learn. I don't doubt there is wisdom in it, but I am curious what the wisdom is. Not that I need to know it to obey, I'm just Curious!

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Men are supposed to wash and use perfume; women are just supposed to wash. The reason is much the same as why women are expected to wear hijab and men aren't (then again, in many Arab countries, male traditional dress is almost as concealing as women's, when women don't wear niqab). Neither are expected to go to the masjid smelling of BO, but then, until relatively recently, people smelled a lot more anyway, not only because of the absence of deodorants but also because there was less water around.

Anonymous said...

No-brainer. Men stink.

Really, come over to the Middle East, here in 2009, and check out the masjid around dhuhr prayer. All those workers (painters, carpenters, bricklayers, etc - no exaggeration)... and no one wears fragrance. You can imagine what it's like to pray between them.

I don't blame them, though, and I would never tell them not to come. But I do wish they'd wear even cheap fragrance; their "post-hard-work" smell is overwhelmingly bad.

And of course we question the hadith. We simply don't reject it. Questioning it to understand it better is required.

Nice blog.

Amy said...


Thanks--that makes it make a lot of sense. I'm too accustomed to air conditioning, I think!