Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hijab Oddities

Gaza female lawyers ordered to wear religious headscarves in court

I found this article kind of interesting. I imagine many people will think that it interferes somehow with rights of women. But I think many of those same people will still find it acceptable for Muslim women to be denied the right to wear "religious headscarves" in court, as judges, lawyers, or even witnesses. I can't prove that of course, or provide evidence for my assertion here, it's just something that seems to be the case. And I wonder why one would be okay and the other not?

Forcing a woman to wear a "religious headscarf" (as a opposed to a non-religious headscarf? whatever that means) violates her rights, but preventing her from wearing one does not? Do women have a right to uncover, but not a right to cover?

I just wonder, you know?

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mezba said...

I think the answer is simple - to cover with hijab or not to cover with hijab - the decision should be left to the woman.

As for the niqab, that's a different issue because now you are covering the whole face. People usually tend to look at another person's face for communication.