Friday, May 18, 2007

Not enough women fly

Aviator's comments on my nascar post got me thinking I wanted to mention this, for those of you who didn't know. A few years ago, a Saudi woman obtained a commercial pilot's license, making her the first woman in the country to do so I think.

It's ironic because in Saudi Arabia, women aren't even allowed to drive. There is a dearth of female pilots here in the US too, though. My flight instructor wanted so badly for me to continue training because it's so rare to see women in that field. Both she and her husband were pilots and she told me people would visit their home and see all this airplane paraphenalia and ask her husband if he was a pilot, never imagining the wife was one too. Such a stereotype, it's sickening.

Women in the US face another battle--people are trying to say women have less 3D spatial reasoning skills then men? I mean really, who comes up with this stuff? Flying is natural. If you have two whits of intelligence you can read your instruments and feel the plane. I mean, after driving a little while you shouldn't need to look at your tachometer to know when to shift gears, right?

Aside from my flight instructor and one girl who was in my aerospace engineering class (who earned herself an internship at Boeing and is probably well on her way to great things) I don't know any women who have ever piloted an airplane. It's kind of a shame really.

But I guess if I really get the gumption I can call up Prince Alwaleed and see if he'd like to sponsor another Aviatrix. God knows that few things in this life give me such pleasure as flying.


Ibn Abd-el-Shafy said...

Small comment from a distant voice... seems to me you are flying just fine these past less than two years.

May Allaah reward every Muslim who gives up part of their dunya aspirations for His sake.

(oh... if you ever call up that alWaleed fella? since i live in Saudi, ask him if i can be your chauffeur while you visit. i won't charge much. well, not too much. we can draw up a simple contract.)

Aviator said...

LOL, Learning to fly gliders is extremely cheap in USA. This is because gliders don't consume fuel like that of a Cessna or Piper Cherokee. Fuel is the source of expenses in aviation.

One even can fly some types of airplanes by his car driving license. Yes, no medical exams, no ... etc: it is just with the driving license!!


In Saudia, it is dangerous (from security point of view) for a woman to drive a car alone..., regulations have been set to prevent her from driving a car.


I don't believe that Princes Al-Waleed will trust her to fly his Jumbo Jet airplane!! She have just graduated, and it take a male 10 years to be able to command a Wide Body jet airplane like 777 or 737.

Lol, this is 10 years for a man to command a jumbo jet. But, for a woman it will be even more: i think she can't fly during pregnancy. And even after birth, she have to take care of her child. So, give her at least 25 years to be able to fly a jumbo jet :-)

For me, and almost all passengers on airliners: everybody will be ... if knew the first command pilot is a woman !!! mmm.... will start to say shada and get ready to put on safety jackets !!

Amy said...

Fuel and insurance and instruction are all expenses, not to mention aircraft storage and maintenance.

There is no powered aircraft in this country that anyone is allowed to operate with just his driver's license.

It's no more dangerous in Saudi than anywhere else for women to drive, with the sole exception that because women don't drive there the men drive like idiots. Women tend to be far better and safer drivers anyway.

Prince alWaleed shook her hand when she was certified to fly commercial jumbo jets so maybe he would.

I'd rather fly with a woman pilot than a man. They're naturally safer and acutely aware of danger, and less likely to be distracted from flying while jabbering to atc or looking for stuff behind their seats, or dropping food on the floor. And women can fly when pregnant--stop making stuff up.

Anyway, women make just as good pilots as men, if not better, just like they make better (safer) drivers. If you want to keep getting smart then do it somewhere else. I don't want to see any more junk like that from you on my blog. I am not amused.

Aviator said...

Apologies !!

Women are capable of piloting any vehicle like men.
They even flew space shuttles, this is the truth that shall be ...


In the United States no license or training is required by law for Powered or Unpowered ultralights, but training is highly advisable.

Please check these link for more about Powered and Unpowered Ultralights:

This link gives Ultralight instructors near you:


Never Ever believe that anyone can fly a wide body jet airplane (like boeing or airbus) just after he or she gets his CPL (commercial pilot license) with two years !!!! It takes many years to pilot a wide body airplanes after graduation from an aviation school.

So, what happened with the Saudian aviatrix is no more than a "media bomb" or a try to enter the encyclopedias and the prince can't let her pilot his airplane BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST REGULATIONS SINCE SHE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TRAININGN YET THAT ENABLES HER TO FLY A JUMBO JET !!

Anyway, this is just my opinion, and i shall welcome and respect other's opinions.

Women can fly when pregnant, if and only if there is no violation to FAA regulations about health and fittness of the airmen !!
This link states some usefull information: