Saturday, May 12, 2007

A new blog--VBTV

Last night I received some books in the mail: Unveiling Islam and Voices Behind the Veil. In a previous post I mentioned my wish to develop a resource for non-Muslim women to learn about Islam from real Muslimahs, instead of what is currently available--a biased and largely inaccurate presentation by missionaries that fails (quite deliberately) to examine what Muslims find so beautiful about their deen.

So I have launched another blog to collect my notes on the subject, I welcome comments and criticism, and also collaborators (anyone who wishes for now to work on the blog with me.)


Aviator said...

Sounds an interesting project to get lots of hasanat, hope to see innovative ideas and outcomes ! !

Aviator said...

forgot to mention the blog is not working.

Amy said...

It works for me; I just started it so give it a little bit of time. I redid the link in case it wasn't working properly.