Monday, May 07, 2007

More about beards

Gee wiz, you guys like talking about beards. I won't be the one (because I'm not qualified) to say a beard is obligatory or optional. I don't have the facts, I haven't researched it, and I'm not a scholar.

But what I thought was so funny about that group was not people bickering about the necessity of it. (There will always be people on both extremes.) Rather, it was the completely superficial attraction of the beard. I was reading one of their discussion boards and the question was whether women like the beard. So naturally the following topics arise:

  1. Does the beard indicate the brother is more keen on following the sunnah? Or merely looking like it?
  2. Does the beard actually look more attractive?
  3. Does a non-beard look unattractive?
  4. Is it required? (not covering here)
  5. Does a man face beard criticism like a woman faces hijab criticism?
  6. Are women less likely to want to marry a man with a beard?
Some people were getting the impression that women are a little hypocritical here--they like for men to have a beard, but they don't want to marry a man with one.

I think this could be why:

And to be honest, I do know some women who have made it slightly more difficult for their husbands to grow one. Or rather that they give more credence to the doubts they have about growing one. While I personally like the look of the beard, I feel it's not my place to make a man feel uncomfortable or pressured to grow one, and risk having him do it for the wrong reason (especially if the case were my husband.)

But one person posted what Sh. Yusuf Estes said about growing beards, when asked if it was obligatory. He said, you can't grow a beard. Allah will grow it for you, all you have to do is stop shaving it off!

[Disclaimer--I do not support that man in the photo or what he does! He's an example of an ugly man with a nice beard!]


E. said...

Some consider it a tradition of some countries, however many think it is a must.

In many countries at middle east, you cant be an officer in the police or army with a beard. They fire you once they get know you have a beard !!!

What i am sure about that we should not judge people from their beard or salat at masjid. Umar, RAA, hit a gay when he knew that he judged another man from his vibration salat at mosque.

Schoolars here are tired of that stuff: beard.
If you wanna to make one of them angry, just ask about things that they consider trivial, like beard and wearing a short truser or jalabia !

Amy said...

I think all scholars are tired of that stuff. I'm not even a scholar and I'm tired of that stuff! Trivial, just like you said. I had just been listening to these lectures about the 4 imams, and I think especially Imam Malik wouldn't tolerate trivial questions, like which direction to pray if someone was on the moon, or questions about moonsighting and so forth. People just debate ad nauseum and learn nothing.

So it's not my intention to say whether or not it's an obligation or not. It does seem trivial. :-)

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum sis

sis it's very dangerous to call something of the religion trivial..the trivial questions are like the example u said about direction of praying on the moon but this one since you don't know it's status in the deen which is (a must as long as there is no necessity to shave it and that's as far as i know), then it's very dangerous to call it trivial sis without's not we who decide what is trivial...for example if prophet muhammad(pbuh) said that Siwak is sunnah then u can't say that's trivial

may Allah forgive us all

wassalmu alaikum

Amy said...

wa alaikum as-salaam rose

I don't mean to be rude at all and perhaps I wasn't clear in my meaning of "trivial." Being a convert myself, I know that I had to begin practicing Islam gradually, and certain things had more priority than others.

Unwavering faith in Allah swt and the Qur'an is where it started for me and I had to come to accept the Prophethood of Muhammad saws and all that it entailed--that is very important. If you don't believe a man's teachings are from God, how can you convince yourself to begin following them? It's very difficult. But once I got there I could start with the salaat... and moving from praying to fasting too, and eventually I was able to wear hijab regularly (a few months after beginning to pray.) But some things take priority. I couldn't sit here and tell you that hijab is "trivial" overall, but in comparison to salaat? Something I was fully opposed to doing became easy once more important things fell into line--with the salaat. Hijab now is something that is very very important, modesty and covering, absolutely. But I would still call it trivial, especially to a revert or someone with low faith, because the emphasis should be on other things first.

And there's just no way I can look at the beard and consider it as important as many other parts of this deen, so I call it trivial. I don't mean that it doesn't matter, but rather that there are many aspects of Islam which matter a whole heap more.

Jazakillah khair for your comments.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum sis

jazakillahu khairan for your concern and thank you for the clarification

i agree tottally sis...there are priorities in the religion...and there is even a hadith that the first deed to be counted "after shahada of course" is salah...if it's good the rest of deeds will be a person who doesn't pray his/her other deeds won't be of any value...just like someone building on the air.

it was just the word "trivial" which doesn't seem suitable for any thing of the deen no matter how small..
if we say "small" or "second or third in priorities" this way we are safe inshaAllah

again jazakillahu khairan

wassalamu alaikum

Aviator said...

e too don't say "trivial" about ANYTHING FROM THE DEEN.

The issue here is that many scholars dont consider the beard from deen !!! They consider it a tradition of some countries and regions.

Also, i admire the special theory of relativity !! This is, as Amy said, everything is relative to other things.

There are some closed minded persons who will say KAFER about man if he does not have a beard !!
Yes, some uneducated people may kill one because he dont have a beard !! what is this??

Aviator said...

ohh, sorry, i missed the M :

Me too don't say "trivial" about ANYTHING FROM THE DEEN.