Thursday, May 03, 2007

A facebook post

I never heard of facebook until my first junior year of college (fyi, I'm finishing my third junior year) when I was pledging my sorority. One of the other candidates (pledges), who was a freshman, was all over this "facebook" thing and I had no clue what was going on. You facebooked who? What do you mean he's on facebook? Huh? So I eventually signed up... about the same time my brother did, who was a freshman at the time. Back then, you had to be a college student to get on facebook. Now... well, now I have no clue. The president has a profile on facebook and so do random Egyptians... you know who you are.

At one point (I think I even blogged about it) I responded to a pretty arrogant post about women and mixing, and a few days later heard about how nice my post was from a member of the community! I got to realize... people are spying... So I untagged myself from all photos of me that I did not put up, and that didn't have me in hijab. That left... one. On on hand, I don't have much to feel guilty about--I wasn't Muslim or covered when they are taken, and that they are on the internet is out of my control. But any connection to me was within my control so I did remove that. There is one picture of me in a marching band uniform on there... ah, good times!

But feeling bored a few days ago, or maybe wanting to take a break from all the things I had to do, I logged on looking for a group about Mike Gravel--he's a senator from Alaska who has entered the Democratic presidential candidate nomination (whatever) race. And he's blunt. To the point. And not a smiley cheery face when he talks about how serious the state of this nation is (like Clinton), or one to try to rally a crowd with nice but two-faced rhetoric (Obama). When I turned on (briefly) the South Carolina debate, this guy stood out. On a stage with Senators Biden, Clinton, and Obama, this man stood out. So I figured someone had to have a facebook group... and sure enough, I found it. "These candidates scare me."

But I also managed to find some other groups that my "friends" (people who have facebooked me, as I consider it a policy to not actually facebook people unless I need their contact information for school or something.) By the way "facebook" as a verb means adding a person to your collection of "friends" on the site. Groups are other ways of networking--like an MSA group, a sorority group, people who are voting for a particular student government candidate, people who ride a particular bus route, and so on. Lame. So looking for groups for Mike Gravel, I found that people I knew had joined some pretty funny groups. Here's a taste of what you can find on facebook... Enjoy. :-)

We LOVE Sunnah Beards!
This group is for anyone and everyone that just love their men like they love their forests... bushy!! hehehe...okay but seriously... beards are sunnah, and it is wonderful, if you have a beard for the sake of Allah(SAW) or if you are a girl and insha'Allah wish to marry a man with a beard because it is the commands of Allah(SAW) let yo self be heard!!

If you are on facebook, find this group. The discussion posts are hilarious--why women will or won't marry a bushy brother. F-u-n-n-y!

Yes I'm bald under my hijab.
For any hijabi who's ever been tempted to make up bizarre answers to the ridiculous questions she is asked on a regular basis.

"Yes, I shower with this thing on."
"Yes, I've worn hijab since birth."
"Yes, I sleep in my hijab."
"I know it's hot outside, but I can tolerate the heat because my hijab is centrally air-conditioned."
"No, my husband won't ever be allowed to see my hair."
"No, other women aren't allowed to see my hair, either."
"Well, what happens if you accidentally see my hair is that you immediately get hit by lightning."

Muslim Man Law
8. When praying, always insist that someone else lead. This will lead to a insisting pushing match between you and another person. After an awkardly long time, one of you will break and lead while the other feels that he won.

15. No man shalll speak while he is in the stall UNLESS he is lota-less in which another man is obliged to fetch one for him.

22. No man shall wear a pseudo-religious garb (especially during ISNA), in order to impress the sisters. If convicted, he may be penalized by being forced to grow a Tom Selleck mustasche.

25. No man shall have a profile picture that is not of himself. You are NOT a BMW M5 and whether or not you have one is questionable.

31. A man should obey is mother at all times (Unless she is asking you do something that is Islamically unlawful). This law supercedes any laws that may be found contradictory to it.

33. A man should not allow his garment to drag on the floor. It is not cool. It is filthy.

37. No attempting to split Muslims up into Arabs and Desis. This only divides the it makes Brian feel lonely.

56. No USED miswaks in the fridge

Funny brothers... I only picked the highlights, but once again, you can find the rest on facebook!

And last but certainly not least, I wanted to share a lovely photograph with you. Muslim Girl magazine started at the beginning of this year (2007) I think, and has recently featured a local Muslimah on the cover. It's such a gorgeous shot of Hanifah that I wanted to share it.


Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Ma sha Allah, she is very beautiful.

It's not just brothers who post pictures which aren't theirs - I've found numerous profiles on (and similar sites) with pictures attached to them which are not of the sister who posted the ad. Examples include pictures of cats (whether it's the sister's own cat I don't know), of mosques and other Muslim architecture, stock pictures of niqabis, and pictures of another sister altogether. This is incredibly annoying, because if you do a photo search, you don't want photos of other than the sisters. I do wish the administrators would screen the pictures beforehand.

Amy said...

Wa alaikum as-salaam

I never ran a photo search on muslimintro or another site but I think I can imagine what you're talking about. This (I think) was specifically referring to facebook... where the whole point should be to show one's face, shouldn't it?

A lot of women especially don't feel comfortable showing their faces--thus the architecture, cats, eyeballs (look at her pretty eyemakeup?) that don't do someone any good when looking for a wife.

But women can claim at least that they are being "shy" and "modest" when they refuse to show themselves up front. The BMW M5 I guess is a show-off though, for brothers.

But I'm not much better. On Muslimspace my display picture is actually a Jeep Hurricane. :-)

But on a site for matrimony... I guess I see your point. Happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum sis..

it's been a while since i last commented...seems i missed so many good blogs mashaAllah but i'm making up for them now :)

sis just a small comment on's a command from Allah and those who do it if they do it to please Allah (SWT) that's great ..but we should never be decieved coz many new reverts think that a beard is sign that a muslim man is all good and practicing muslim which is not the case all the time.i know some bad muslims who have beards. so just for all dear sisters..make sure you check carefully about the morals and faith of the man u think to marry.

wassalamu alaikum

Anonymous said...

Al salam alikum,

have another comment on beards:

There are many famous scholars (both in eastern and western countries) who dont have beards at all. They are really wonderfull scholars and seikhs, and have high dgrees and Phd's in islamic studies, however they dont have beards.

Sisters, dont be decived by beards. If you see a brother who dont have beard, dont think he has no or low Iman.

I may excuse some brothers: not having beadrs because of most terriosts have it.
I am one of them who dont have beards because of that !!!

As a result of not having a beard, my perfect match looks alternating and thought that i am a bad boy !!

It is unwise to judge brothers because of their beards !!

Some also, see that beards are customs or traditions for some countries, and it is not a must for muslims men.

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I don't think the fact that "terrorists have beards" is an excuse for not growing one in the west. It is an excuse in some parts of the Middle East, where the police are known to harrass men who grow their beards, but that is not the case here. I'd just like to say that a well-kept beard makes a man look more like a gentleman, rather than like a hooligan or a clean-cut baby-faced pop star.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum

i agree with what bro yusuf said...yet if conditions like the ones in the middle east are (and they are actually being implemented slowely now in the west) then Allah would forgive a person inshaAllah.

as for the anonymous bro..not coz a "scholar" doesn't have a beard means he is right...we know the right from wrong by searching for what sahaba and thier good followerd did and how they understood islam from the best teacher (Muhammad SAWS)

there is a famous islamic proverb ( we know/check men by the truth not the other way round)

either the scholar has some excuse or he is simply wrong. a scholar of the 21th century doesn't have the knowledge and understanding which sahaba had and they all agreed on the beard being a must

so bros and sis...don't be decieved by "PHDs" , the prophet Muhammamd(saws) said that there will come time when people who are responsible for fatwa (that is sheikhs and scholars) will give fatwas without true knowledge and thus they will be misguided and misguide others.and i can see this alot these days!! May Allah protect us

wassalamu alaikum

Holly said...

Amy that blog was perfect right now. I loved the sarcastic comments about the hijabii's. I havent visited in a while I have quite some reading to do