Thursday, August 31, 2006

Prepare for a storm

Last night it rained... hard. There's a "hurricane" approaching (it's some pitiful sort of tropical storm, technically) though the winds that I would gladly welcome remain somewhere off the coast of South Carolina and last night was just... rain.

But as it was raining, the most hostile emotions I've experienced in quite sometime gushed out of my fingers into a series of irascible posts. Furious, I viewed myself as a victim of the disdainful contempt of one particular man whose arrogance must surely exceed world records. Of all the things in this world that could enrage me, one sure to light my passions is the complacency of one party against the persecution of another. Am I exaggerating?

In refusing to acquiesce to discrimination and oppression of women, I am labelled as one filled with hate. Why? What is there to hate, except that a party of Muslim would dare to exclude women from holy sites in Mecca on account of their being crowded. But what more? The audacity to rearrange priorities according to modern fears.

Women are being pushed out, and I won't stand by and tolerate the arrogance of any man who dares to suggest that women need privacy more than they need Islam, or that bigoted seclusion (because all such seclusion is discriminatory segregation) is more important than the commands of God.

I am perilously close to taking off my hijab in protest. I am so sick of this attitude of keeping women out "for their own good." Bullshit! Since when do modern standards of gender inequality prevail over Islamic tradition? Will the Muslims in Saudi take women back to the time of ignorance? They already have! Women are segregated in mosques and then pushed out, they're locked in their homes, hiding under sheets if they must go out.

I refuse.


Leena said...

Very nice post! It is bullshit indeed. But this is the mindset of these types, that women can be forbidden and prevented and hidden and refused... women are ALWAYS a fitnah.

If the true concern was overcrowding, they should ban men from Makkah, since they are 90-some% of the participants!

Anonymous said...

Salam Amay

Hey its been a long time since an update!


Bint Larry Ibn William said...
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Bint Larry Ibn William said...

This always happens when Muslims mix their culture with their religion. If they were thinking as a true Muslim should, 90% of this mess wouldn't be going on. Saudis often think like what they are...Bedouins. We can take the Saudi out of the tent, know the saying.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum sis,
i have lived in saudi for 19 years and alhamdulillah.i'm not here to defend sauid, i actually don't agree with many things and even hate it but as for segregation i made hajj and umra and was never excluded from any holy sites.maybe this is something which happend recently? who told you sis that such thing happens...what i know is they give turns to men and women

i wasn't locked in home, i could go malls and anywhere.

and of course i cover my body coz this is hijab which is command of Allah..what i hate though is how they allow one uniform of hijab, which is wrong, for as long as you cover the parts which should be covered and wearing baggy abaya then it's considered hijab and they shouldn't ban that.

wassalamu alaikum