Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bad mood

I am in such a rotten mood... and I have to let out some frustration here. Some creep called me last night at 12:50am! Creep! I say a creep because I have no clue who he was, but he apparently had my phone number. I was asleep, extremely tired (didn't get enough sleep the night before), and here just after I drifted off my phone starts ringing. I have no clue who he was, he was speaking in some weird accent (plus I was half asleep) and I don't even think he told me his name. Or if he did, I didn't understand it. I told him, I'm sleeping, it's late, I was asleep. That's when I should've hung up, but he says oh, he's sorry but then some other gibberish I couldn't make out. Seriously, he calls in the middle of the night, I tell him I have no clue who he is and he expects me to carry on a conversation. What is wrong with people!?

Then I figure if he has my phone number maybe he has my email address so I'm like whatever, just email me and I'll deal with you later because I want to sleep. Apparently he 'lost' my email address (if he ever had it) so he gives me his (like this guy could understand me saying the difference between d,v,b,p) over the phone, and then we get disconnected. Thank God. I throw the phone back on the floor and try to sleep again. A few minutes later, it's ringing again, same number. So I silenced it, but then I got a message which made it beep and then the creep called again! So I silenced it, grabbed the phone and kept it in bed with me in case he called again--I didn't want all that ringing to wake up my roommate, but couldn't turn it off because I use it as an alarm.

Anyway, I'm really irritated that there are people in the world who call girls in the middle of the night and even after knowing they've woken them up, still expect a conversation. Come on! I was trying to figure out who he was and why he had my number, but now I'm just mad he disturbed my sleep and I'm tired again this morning. Creep! This morning I checked the area code: Boston. I know I don't know anyone in Boston, which makes me mad and curious as to where/how this guy got my number. I think if he calls again, I'm going off on him. I don't have time for that junk.

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