Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Video of New Masjid

The expansion of the masjid in Raleigh is pretty much finished, now, and it is open to the public. Someone has taken some pictures of the construction of the old masjid, and the new masjid, plus the steps in between, and made a video out of it. MaashaaAllah.

So for anyone curious about what the Raleigh Masjid looks like... enjoy.


Jamilah said...

Mashallah... that looks amazing.

Amy said...

Yes, mashaaAllah. It is very nice.

Two chandeliers, if you noticed. There is the "tall" crystal one in the main lobby. The other one, with a large diameter and the light extensions around it is right over the imam, but it is sort of encased--both of them are, actually, with a kind of "wall" hanging from the ceiling around it. So you can't see it unless you're right there under it and looking up. Unless you're upstairs, looking down through the glass.

No mirror in the bathroom though. lol... big beautiful chandeliers (the one over the imam has "laa ilaaha illa Allah" written all over it) but no mirror in the bathroom. :-)

jana z. said...

amy that is so nice. at the beginning of the video i thought it was going to a little crude (the slideshow being outdated lol) but then i soon caught on....outdated to brand new. its absolutely awesome. i know all of you are so proud of this place.

subhanallah to have a huge place like this and so many muslims in your area to fill it up.

Jamilah said...

No mirror? that is odd, how are you supposed to fix scarves and stuff?

Its really nice to see such a expansive masjid, the classrooms and the larger prayer area.. very nice... hmmm moving to NC doesn't sound so bad!

Amy said...

Jana, there is a big to-do on Friday about this masjid, the whole community is really excited about it. And naturally... for the last 6 months everyone was praying in the gym!!

I haven't seen it filled up yet, though. I didn't go on the night they started praying there because I wasn't praying, and when I've gone for jummu'ah, I go to the fourth shift which only has about 75-100 people there at most, while other shifts might have more than 500! (Four shifts total.) But this Friday is the "inauguration" with Sh. Muhammad Jibreel coming and some speeches and stuff so it'll be really crowded... inshaaAllah, we'll see how it goes.

Amy said...

Jamilah -

You're right about the mirror! Many sisters have wondered the same thing.. especially as making wudhu might sort of upset the scarf anyway. But I guess that's a minor thing. :-)

I haven't seen it filled up--for most prayers there are only about 4 or 5 rows of brothers at most, and one row of maybe 5-15 sisters.

But there is plenty of space inshaaAllah for all the events held there, all the classes and interfaith activities. I think the classrooms upstairs are for the school though.

Muadh Khan said...

Asslamo Allaikum,

This "was" my local Masjid, family still lives there and I will be re-visiting Insha'Allah end of June.

Hope to see Imam Bainoni & Others Insha'Allah.

Studied there, prayed there etc. Cleaned and Painted the wall, helped Install the Carpet with others & Painted the lines in the main section:)

Ya'all must have noticed how straight our lines were and we didn't spill a drop of paint...


Masha'Allah Good stuff.

They have a new Carpet now and that saddens me.

My Mother taught in Durham (for years) and in this Mosque (sometimes) and all the kids have grown up and people gotten married etc so makes me feel old.

Imam Bainoni also looks old now....Sshhh don't tell me that :)

Amy said...

Salaam Muadh, I didn't know you were from this area. What are you doing in the UK?

Imam Baianonie is still wonderful, and really doesn't seem old at all, to me.

Why does it make you sad to see new carpet? That carpet is NICE! The old carpet was really uncomfortable, just a thin layer over concrete. The new carpet is much nicer.