Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And all that other stuff...

Uh, whoops... sorry if anyone was notified of another post that.. somehow got posted before I ever wrote anything. I was thinking I'd make a follow-up of my last post, Why We Take Our Shoes Off.

I've noticed another problem that seems to be slightly more common with sisters at the masjid, about laying down random stuff they happen to be carrying in the prayer line. Purses... bookbags... umbrellas... And no, I'm not going to complain about people bringing this stuff into the masjid--it hardly matter. The problem is just when they lay it down in the middle of the prayer line. They don't see it that way, I'm sure, because when they lay it down, it's on the end.

What happens is that they try to join the prayer as quickly as possible, and so their stuff gets strewn all around, pretty much wherever it lands. I'm not opposed to people placing their purses and things (baby carriers?) in front of them--it doesn't bother me (or probably anyone else) one bit. But sometimes they just drop it beside them... which will leave a gap in the row, or someone else will have to move elsewhere. That makes it a little impolite.

But when I walk in to pray, right behind someone who has dropped all their things at the end of the row to catch the rakah, it means that I might miss it trying to move their things out of the way so other people can join that same row. (This has happened, but I want to point out that the sister did apologize before I said anything, and it wasn't a big deal.)

So this here is just a gentle reminder to people who leave things behind them or beside them when they join the row, that it's likely people will come after them joining the row. Please place them somewhere that won't be in the way. :-)


brnaeem said...

AA- Amy,

You post some very practical issues about your local Masjid (which are probably relevant to every Masjid in the world). Have you ever shared these tidbits with the masjid officials or even the general congregation? Maybe post up signs at the door or bulletin board?

Just wondering if you've done anything in addition to posting your thoughts on your blog?

Jamilah said...


Asalamu alaikum.. I've got similar issues at my masjid and if we are ALLOWED to post signs the always get torn down in a huff by the offenders.

Amy said...

Wa alaikum as-salaam Naeem. Thanks for your comment. I don't know if I've posted quite like this before, polite recommendations. I know I complain a lot... lol.

It's a good idea to share it with the offenders but... I'm not sure how it would reach them. Sometimes I tell them myself when I see stuff that I can fix myself. And other times I do tell the masjid administration so they can help.

We have signs up, rules for the prayer area--or at least for the sisters prayer area. I took a picture and might blog about that, but I've noticed that hardly anyone reads it, despite its being posted in several places now. And that's a list, much easier to read then a short article.

There are other possibilities--like written publications or the mosque website. But I doubt the website would post something quite like that. The papers might. There is a mosque newsletter which they publish around big events--again probably not the right venue. MAPAC publishes a paper (though I generally don't like it) which they distribute around the community. I'm not sure how well-read it is. And I've been asked before to be published in it. (And wouldn't you know, that's how I first learned about your blog?) So I might be able to send these things to them, although I thought they were more interested in my convert story or experience as a Muslim.

There is a general body meeting this Friday. I might bring something up then. Thanks for the suggestions.

For some issues, by the way, I do talk to masjid officials. And a lot of times, the problem gets resolved. Overall I've found them to be pretty cooperative.

That has been the case for
-being able to see the imam in prayer
-space for sisters to pray downstairs
-shoe rack for sisters downstairs so we don't have to mingle with brothers getting shoes (that was annoying because the space is small)
-signs for no food upstairs
-equal opportunity seating for sisters in imam's classes

That's what I can think of now.

Amy said...

Oh, and by the way... they just moved a rack for shoes into the back part of the musallah downstairs (which the sisters use most occasions) so that now we don't have to go down the hall that gets crowded with brothers to get our shoes.