Thursday, April 03, 2008


Some of you might have noticed an earlier post I decided to remove. Thanks to a comment by Br. Naeem I decided to reflect a little further on the topic and let the post take a slightly different (and I think more optimistic) direction. The post was originally titled 'Watch out for Munafiqoon' and has now been changed to 'Guarding Our Deen.'

I do think it is important to watch out for Muslims in disguise, but only in the sense that we strive to preserve and maintain our faith. It is a problem, I think, hypocrisy. But making takfir, calling people out, that is not the solution.

Islam being the largest religion, growing in ranks, it undoubtedly sparks hatred in the minds of many people who would rather see their own success, who see themselves locked in a battle for truth. There are enemies, and the larger Islam becomes the greater it seems to threaten--so there is no reason to relax the da'wah and feel accomplished. The challenge is still in front of us.

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