Friday, November 16, 2007


My professors say some of the silliest things sometimes... I thought I'd start sharing them.

You can learn a lot from consumer-oriented television.
(About an OnStar commercial with a famous race car driver and automobile computers.)

If I could write an opera of the Cold War, there would be a Greek Chorus to keep chanting "Who lost China? Who lost China? Who lost China?"
(To demonstrate the lasting influence of Truman's "loss" of China in 1949 and the effect on Cold War policy.)

Remember the sound that a modem used to make? Kzzsssccchhhwezzzzchvhwwhhhssszzzz? It sounded like a duck that swallowed a kazoo? What was it called? Right, a handshake!
Duck who swallowed a kazoo... classic!


brnaeem said...

AA- Amy,

"Remember the sound that a modem used to make?"

Ahem, *used to make*?!?! Excuse me, but my modem STILL makes that noise. What broadband arrogance!

I will continue to use my dial-up for the sole purpose of retaining my sense of digital humility.

Besides, browsing is like eating ice cream. It's best savored when digested slowly.


Amy said...

WS Naeem -

And thus I dub you 'The duck who swallowed a kazoo.'

Let me know when you find your way into the 21st century. :-)

Zeynab said...

Salaam waleykum, and thanks for linking to us!

Amy said...

WS Zeynab -

It was certainly an interesting blog! :-)

therehman said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

It reminds me of a professor I had in grad school, for him, there were only two ways to approach any problem, the right way and the Homer Simpson way. So, very often during the class, he would pop the question "what would Homer Simpson do?" and quickly fill in with one of his episodic anecdotes. It was a very fun class and I was so tempted to use the same line in class exams!!

Here is a Judge, who annotated his ruling with Homer's kooky.

(in case, if you are wondering what ensued Homer to make such a request, this is how he starts, "For the first time in my life everything is absolutely perfect the way it is, so here's the deal; you freeze.....")

Amy said...

Wa alaikum as-salaam -

I have the happy honor of saying my parents never let me watch the Simpsons, so aside from knowing who the basic characters are... I really don't know anything about the show. Even when grown and moved out, I avoided watching the Simpsons and you know what? I feel better for it. :-)

All the same that was an interesting way to explain the legal decision which, to be honest, needed to be read with a dictionary handy.

I wrote down a good one from my history professor last night about Carter but will post it later inshaaAllah.

Desert Flower said...

This is off topic but you've been tagged~!!!