Friday, November 30, 2007

Aqeedah Notes 2 - Belief in Angels

We (mankind) are not alone in the universe, but there exist beings we cannot see.
Attitude towards angels:
  • believe they exist
  • believe they are created out of light
  • believe they follow the command of Allah
  • details only known to Allah
  • not believing in angels = kufr? (An-Nisaa 136)
  • quality of the righteous to believe in the unseen
Physical Characteristics of Angels
  • created before Adam
  • little known about them
  • some present for creation of mankind
  • created out of light - luminous creatures
  • do not eat, sleep, or reproduce
  • free from 'animal' desires
  • above sins
  • ability of metamorphosis
    • may take other forms/shapes
    • Gabriel to Mary, form of a man
    • Gabriel Hadith (hadith Jibreel) in front of Companions
  • have wings
    • 2,3,4, and Allah can increase in creation (Faatir 1)
    • Muhammad (s) saw Gabriel with 600 wings (Fath al-Baree?)
  • obey the command of Allah (An-Nahl 50, At-Tahreem 6)
Number of angels only known by Allah. (Al-Muddaththir 31)

Attitude of angels toward Allah
  • obey Allah absolutely
  • honorable servants (of Allah)
  • act according to Allah's command
Attitude of angels toward humans/earth
  • obedience to Allah includes carrying out tasks (the will of Allah) on earth/in universe
  • some delegated to take care of
    • sun
    • moon
    • galaxies
    • mountains
      • an angel of the mountain offered to protect Muhammad (s)
    • care of womb of mother
      • write provision
  • help humans to worship
  • supplicate on behalf of the believers
  • help humans keep away from evil
    • Gabriel chosen to deliver the message (Qur'an)
  • angels guide and inspire men to goodness
    • Shaytaan whispers evil promises
    • but angels whisper good promises, guidance to truth
  • exhort and encourage people of knowledge
    • lower their wings to the student of knowledge
Belief in Angels
  • must believe in angels, including some specific ones
    • Jibreel/Gabriel - Messenger
    • Mika'eel - provision and sustenance
    • Israfeel - will blow the horn on the last day
    • Malik - takes care of the hellfire
  • believe they are protecting us
  • believe they are writing down our deeds
  • believe souls taken by angel of death
  • believe angels carry the throne of Allah
Effect of belief in Angels
  • impacts our daily life
  • know angels watching when we sin, recording our deeds
  • helps us to have patience, tranquility to know:
    • angels are with us
    • worshiping Allah with us
    • consoling us in grief
  • part of the unseen, belief in unseen characteristic of believers


Maya said...

We must believe that angels carry the thrown of Allah.. but Allah cannot be personified.

I don't understand that.

Amy said...

There is none like Him, nor comparable unto Him.

Your imagination is incapable of comprehending Allah.

So saying angels (we don't know what they look like) are carrying the throne of Allah (while we don't know what that throne looks like) isn't really personifying anything.

If you can imagine it... then it's not the reality. So what it means that angels carry the throne of Allah, that I don't know either. I just believe that they do.