Monday, November 05, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

Book Cover - GleijesesIf I haven't mentinoed this before, I have to write a two-page paper every week for my US Foreign Policy class, after reading about 200 pages. This week we read some stuff by the professor herself, but mostly out of this book: Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-1976; by Piero Gleijeses.

The papers are due Mondays at 6pm, so I tend to not blog very much on weekends since I'm consumed with reading and writing for this class. And usually I'm writing up until the last minute. Today I finished a little early so... I'm writing. Just some miscellaneous things.

The maintenance guy at my apartment complex is not shy about walking into people's homes. In fact, we've reported him for coming in without knocking during the day. You see, though, he knocks... but then barges in. He used to. It's better now, he waits a little bit. Although I did tell him to wait at the door one time so I could get my scarf and he... came in anyway. At least I made it to my bedroom first.

He's even come into my bedroom when I wasn't covered once to check the vent (yeah I know some people gonna flip at that remark, and I was irritated too) but it's just very awkward. Now I know to just keep a scarf on all the time if he's around. I didn't know he'd be coming by today (I never know, to be honest) and before I had gone for work I was praying dhuhr in my bedroom. I left the door open to my room though since I was the only person there... and I'm praying. He knocks. Knocks, "Maintenance!!" and knocks again. Comes in, probably saw that my laptop was on in the living room and announces his presence... no response.

He came to work on the toilet, right, so he comes to the back of the apartment, and my bedroom is across from the bathroom. And aha! He sees me standing there so informs me (whilst I'm praying) that he is going to work on the toilet.

Does he need my permission or something? It's not like I'm using the toilet at present. But I'm standing in prayer and I think he might have realized it then because he didn't say anything after that. Ehhhhhhh, well I was amused. :-)

I couldn't stick around to chat (not that he's the type I'd like to chat with) because I had to go to work so I apologized and ran out, assuring him that yes it really was okay to work on the toilet. Weird, huh?


I just wanted to add... Facebook is out of hand. You know that "requests" block on the right side of your home page? So, I have 2 friend requests, 2 event invitations, 3 group invitations (all normal so far) but then 1 entourage invitation (eh, what?), 1 superpoke! friend request (excuse me?), 1 pirates vs. ninjas invitation (ok this is getting dumb) and 1 warbook invitation.

I'm sure some other people have many more than that... so I just wonder, isn't facebook getting a little over the top? I mean, when I joined you could network with people in your classes to conspire on homework but now... you can't even put you school schedule in it. The bigger it gets, the more lame it gets. Pirates vs. Ninjas. Right.

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