Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tie your camel

I've come up with several things to blog about lately but have been way too busy to really write them down. One thing was last Sunday in my Islamic studies class we brought up the topic of trusting in God. Tie your camel then trust in God, don't just say you trust in God and expect the camel to not walk away.

So how are we supposed to tie our camels in our lives? Trust that Allah will help you find someone to marry... but start looking, too? Trust that Allah will take care of you, but get an education and search for a job too? I guess sometimes it's hard to know you're doing the right thing.... oh well.


greenmist said...

tie your camel , but just how many of us really do , I mean really really do?

And sometime when we do tie and things just dont go as planned fists get shaked up at the heavens eh?

Its's all part of life. Part of learning do do your part and also of gracefelly accepting Fate.

Amy said...

Well when we do tie and feel the need to shake some fists, we probably can re-examine how much were we really trusting God? (I feel like I was in a similar situation recently, where I wasn't trusting because I wasn't getting what I wanted/expected.) But God takes care of us whether we ask Him or not, nice to know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Simple, you must marry the camel but before you do you must have your parents permission. I don't know why people try and make things complicated. Anyway, that's a nice pic of the camel.