Friday, September 22, 2006

Why are you so attached?

Wow... it's finally Friday and I'm able to bring my head out of my books to breathe... almost! I think I want to write a post for my online class about Zen Buddhism before I leave work, but after that I have a da'wah table meeting after 'asr, and then after maghrib Sgt. Ricky Clousing will be speaking at the masjid inshaAllah. And by then I guess we'll know if we start praying tarawih tonight and fasting tomorrow.

Here's been my week so far:
Tuesday: class at 8:30, work at 10:30-5:30, class at 6:30-9, isha at 9:15, I got home around 10p
that's when I started my homework which was due Wed. at 2:20
Wednesday: class at 8:30, work at 10:30-1:30--frantically trying to finish hw due at 2:20 and lab report due at 6:50. Finished hw, but not lab before class. Class 2:20-3:35, then I rushed home and ate! (yeah at 4pm) then back to school to finish my lab report. I did finish it, but not the prelab--alas--then went to lab at 6:50, then to isha at 9:15 again
Thursday: went to work at 3:30-7:30, tried to finish my hw due at 8:30--I finished 4/5 and turned it in on time, went to work at 10:30, after work stopped by the house to grab a sandwich for dinner then went to an exec board meeting at 6:30 (yay! finally getting through this at a snappy pace) to 7pm--we started and ended on time! and then at 7:30 was an msa meeting, and I was there until 9 or so... got home around 9:30 for bed, basically. (that was a full 18-hr day)
Friday: work, jumm'ah, ran by school to get a key fob, back at work... then the stuff I said at first.

This week has just rushed by and it seems like I've been doing massive amounts of homework. Believe it or not, I've been pretty efficient about it... I guess I had to be since I did most of it at the last minute. Especially Wednesday--it's like I did homework all day straight!

But I have more. A test Monday, a test Tuesday, hw due Thursday, a paper and a short essay due Friday, but fasting this weekend and next week inshaAllah... whoa... and this weekend so far I'm busy with 8-9 hours fundraising at football game Saturday (4p-1a is my guess) while I probably will be fasting for the day (prayers in a crowded stadium? ugghhh....) and have to make a few prayers there. I'm trying to get out of that, though, by getting some candidates (new girls) to take over the two shifts I'm signed up for.... inshaAllah one or both will go so the day is easy for me and I can do some studying. On Sunday I have a shift at work 7:10-11:30a, then I will inshaAllah start classes at the masjid--one in Islamic studies, one in Arabic--and then I have a sorority meeting. ughhh again, haha.

So I'm busy!

Da'wah table... I mentioned this above but might not have explained it, and I want to. The MSA here has a little table, basically, and some Islamic posters, that they put out in the brickyard on campus with a couple people to man it to basically talk to people about Islam. (If you look at google maps for NCSU in Raleigh, the satellite image can show you the brickyard... there's a high volume of traffic walking through this area between the library and some other buildings, including a main area for students to eat lunch on campus. Instead of grass or concrete, pavement or whatever... it's bricks. NCSU is all about bricks, you'd have to be here to get it, I guess, but to explain a bit.. there are only 2 buildings on campus /not/ made of bricks; sidewalks are bricks, some roads are bricks, there are even brick statues.) I haven't really gotten to participate in the da'wah table before though I have stopped by. I'll be working with a brother though starting in October, and tonight the girl in charge of it (my friend Sarah!!) is having a meeting to talk about it, I guess. I'm excited. :-)

Sgt. Ricky Clousing is a soldier who was an interrogator in Iraq but felt his role there was unethical, etc., so refused to go back.

So hm... if I don't post for a while it's because I'm busy. :-)

Ramadhan mubarak to all my readers.

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