Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moving Out, Part IV (See below)

So, the drama... are you ready for this? First of all, I needed someone to help me move, and my sister Wendy had either volunteered, so someone told me she did. I called her one day last week (Friday probably) to ask if she could help, but her Durango is in the shop and her husband was working Sunday... so basically, that was a no. But my other sister Becky and her husband were willing to help, and I had otherwise to rely on my brother who drives a truck. This was all so I wouldn't have to rent a trailer, which was my original plan. But anyway... it rained on Sunday.

And my brother didn't get home until the evening. It rained basically all day but, alhamdulillah, had stopped mostly by the time we had to make the drive. As far as loading, we did it inside the garage, and covered everything with tarps. And alhamdulillah, it all fit somehow, in the bed of the truck, the back of the jeep (my sisters) and a very small trailer attached to it. But that was the plan in the afternoon... I had to move on Sunday, you see, because I had to work on Monday and my brother isn't in town that long anyway. And Sunday night because he didn't get in until 6pm.

But I went to pick up the keys and stuff you pick up when you move in on Sunday, and one of the current roommates (let's call her Rachel) had called me earlier. She told me that the girl who just moved out (let's call her Susan) had "trashed" the apartment, and the trash was all in her bedroom--the one I was moving in to. This is despite the fact that the leasing company called me the previous night to assure me that the apartment was clean--they had walked through it, etc. I told Rachel this, and she seemed very surprised. Then she admitted that the "trash" had been "all over" the apartment and she had moved it into the bedroom. She wanted the leasing company to come by, see the trash, clean it up, and keep Susan's deposit. So she wanted to call them and complain, and for me to call and complain. Whaa. I told her that the office opened at 1pm (it was Sunday) and I would be over there then to pick up my keys.

Rachel called while I was still waiting to get my keys, and voiced her little complaint. Funny thing was that the girl in the office had no clue it was the same apartment I was moving into. So I get the keys and go back to the apartment to see all this trash... which Rachel had moved into the bedroom. Yes, there was a lot of trash, and it might have been mostly Susan's... but what sort of person will hand pick up trash and put it on the floor of another room, instead of putting it in a bag?? (The sort of person that is my new roommate... lol!)

Susan had called me earlier to tell me she and Rachel hadn't gotten along, maybe had a fight, and she wasn't sure where Rachel got all this trash or why she put it in the bedroom. However, she was studying for an exam, and wouldn't be able to come clean up the room that day. But still I had to move. I was willing (and half expecting to) clean up the trash, but Rachel wanted to calling the leasing company again, to try desperately to get Susan's deposit withheld. They were not very helpful, so she continued to complain, and voiced her decision to move out... all while I was there. (Yes, I'm laughing, are you?) Her primary complaint was that her roommates don't subscribe to her "lifestyle."

So then she helped me clean up the trash a little, it took all of about 10 minutes, and we moved it out by the door. But she insisted that we not take it down to the dumpster so Susan would have to. Because, originally, that's where the trash was in the first place! Basically we moved it back where it was, and Susan was supposed to come pick it up and take it to the dumpster. I don't feel like fighting at the moment, so I just let it go. Grabbed the vaccuum and went to clean up some more, while she called her dad. I got to listen to part of that conversation too. She basically iterated her desire to move, and change to a different "company" to find an apartment. After cleaning the room to my satisfaction, I left--and left the garbage by the door, planning to take care of it later when Rachel wasn't around.

Now really--what kind of person deliberately picks up trash and puts it in a bedroom, all over the floor? Especially a bedroom where someone is moving in, and she knew I was moving in on Sunday anyway, so she can't use that as an excuse. Needless to say, I have a very poor opinion of this roommate and her manners, while laughing at her inability to succeed in 1) pissing me off, 2) getting the company to keep Susan's deposit, and 3) just in general getting things to work out "her way." Oh yes, and laughing still because she has decided to move out. Inshallah, she will, and I can simply stay put. LOL!

So with my brothers we packed up all my stuff between the truck, jeep and trailer, making a little use of my parents' buick which I drove, and my sister's focus, just for a few extra boxes and clothes and whatnot. Moving in didn't take too long, but my brother-in-law is a neat-nick, if you know what I mean. He could not stand the sight of trash bags sitting by the door like that and I wanted to explain to him the silly situation but Rachel was there (albeit in her room, definitely not helping, lol) but he took it down. I just want to let you all know I intended to take it down myself but he beat me to it. And we can laugh about what kind of person leaves 3 bags of trash in the doorway... haha.

I spent most of the night trying to put a few things away; basically I got my computer up (utmost importance!) and a few clothes, and my bathroom things put away. I also cleaned the bathroom that night, because it hadn't been cleaned (of this I was aware beforehand and had planned to clean it myself), and that took the most time. But now it's sparkly and wonderful and all is well. Last night I mostly did the dishes, washing what had been in storage for so long, and even some of my new items.

Another complaint of mine against this roommate is that she has left me practically no cabinet space. It is interesting because she has about twice as much space as the other roommate, who has about half as much more space as I do. I don't have less dishes than either of them, I just think that someone isn't making the best use of space. Going to try to work that out with them. However, nobody was home last night. And then I got dishes, realized I don't like that Food Lion so I might be going to the other one closer to the mosque which is a little further from the house but... hey, if the people are nicer (and they are, I've been there before).

So that brings me up almost to today... and with that I'm going to run out of here and try to have a nice evening inshallah.


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