Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moving out, Part I

I'm already tired, but I keep meaning to post this... on Monday, April 24th, my parents informed me that I was no longer welcome in their house. Not to live, anyway. If your life has ever been turned upside down, you might understand how I felt. I panicked, basically, and had to deal with a range of emotions that could have torn me apart. I was angry, and I was hurt. I lost my home, and it felt like I was losing my family too.

That was Monday--I had a good cry on Monday, talked to some very nice and supportive Muslims in chat (you know who you are) and moved on to Tuesday. Cried more on Tuesday, and then Wednesday I went to see my sister to ask about my parents. In short, that didn't go very well. I left thinking that I never wanted to see her again. It was a very emotional week...

By that night I was looking for apartments to move into--found one where the girl wanted to leave right away, even though her lease was through July. Thursday she sent me the application, and on Friday we went to the landlord's office and I signed the "sublease." I'm moving this upcoming Saturday. What was really nice about this is that my parents did offer to "cosign" on the lease so I didn't need a security deposit.

When I got home Friday night, my parents told me then that they felt bad at what they had put me through, and that they wanted to help me out, so they offered to pay my first month's rent. And I can add, that offer was graciously accepted!!

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Hero said...

Nice to know you got a place to stay. And despite the few tears shed, I think you handled the episode quite well. I must say there's even a tinge of excitement abt moving out in your post.

So.. getting chased out of the house is over. Let's see what's coming next... hmmm... a broken heart maybe?

Btw.. Hero was my wife's idea. Just so you know that I didn't give myself that nick.