Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pfft. Robots don't need sleep.

I feel like a robot. Over the last 2-3 weeks I have come up short on eating, sleeping, and relaxing. That is why the blog hasn't been updated... not like anyone was checking, I know. I just keep on working, doing homework until the wee morning hours, stumbling into class with my eyes still closed. This past weekend I did homework every day--had an english thing due Friday night... and Saturday night. Of course I had put them off until the last minute. (Note to self, fix procrastination.) Sunday, after I could finally rouse myself from bed, I had to conduct two separate sorority meetings (yeah, the candidate one and the sister one, gar) which sucked my afternoon into oblivion. And for the evening, of course I went to a bowl party... though at the same time, doing 302 homework like a genuinely dedicated student. Mostly finished it, except for a few things that hadn't been covered in class. Then what? Well, I had more homework due Monday morning, so I went in to school early (yes early is 7:30, after being up until 3am) but it was much easier, and I finished in time for class, and all was clear. But I did take a nap after coming home and tried to get enough sleep. I'm not sure if I succeeded in that endeavor, I'm awfully tired today still.

Now, unfortunately Tuesdays are TV nights. TV is going to have to... wait. I have a test tomorrow at 8:30! And homework due tomorrow as well. And since my luck with tests has apparently run out, I am going to be studying like nobody's business tonight. And doing the homework which is also due tomorrow. INSHALLAH! Of course, there's another test on Friday, and some English hw due by Wednesday night, which I believe will have to be put off a bit. However, due to the Wednesday test, my lab has been cancelled, perhaps giving me time to take care of that, since I won't be at work. Perhaps on Thursday I can start studying for statistics, and take care of more English hw for Saturday, and then maybe more 302 hw and 301 hw... which should leave me with nothing other than a 302 lab report and prelab over the weekend.

It's funny how when there is no more room to procrastinate... I don't. Inshallah these weeks can teach me good habits and I'll spend the rest of the semester 'on top of things.'

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