Monday, January 09, 2006

First day of school

Oh yeah, I started school today. Lovely.
Item 1... still a long walk to EB1.
Item 2... Persian professor for 302... he's funny. Seems like a nice guy, wants people to go to his office hours.
Item 3... Really weird linear systems professor... yeah, weird. Really weird.
Item 4... Really tall statistics professor...
I'm so judgemental. :(

Anyway, it looks like this semester is going to have a lot of work, across the board. I wish I could afford my textbooks already to get started! Alas. Payday is Friday, though. And unfortunatley I have some higher-priority bills. Sucks to be a student sometimes. This is just sad, I'll probably even end up paying more having to buy them later--no used copies. I should take a look at my notes before going to bed though for my class tomorrow--that class has no book.

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