Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Tech

Friday, March 11, was the release date for the iPad 2. When Apple announced, on March 3, its new tablet device, I found myself eagerly reading all the news about it I could find. For the last few months, I've started to want an iPad--especially for reading books and documents, some of which has become awkward on my PC while I'm trying to do other things simultaneously (e.g., take notes.) And since my husband has had one for a while, I already know of several Apps for the iPad which I'll be quick to download inshaaAllah.

To save myself some of the hassle of waiting in line, only to risk the store having sold out of the model I wanted already, I ordered online. I almost wished I'd waited in line myself after hearing that some of my friends opted to wait in line, and after listening to their excitement as they started to play with their new toys. But then again, I am glad I avoided the hassle, even though it means a little wait. And I was awake late (thanks to a particularly bizarre sleep schedule these days) so my order was placed 16 minutes after the Apple Store opened online ordering. (And the reason it took me 16 minutes to order was how long I took deciding on a Smart Cover color--I went for red, in the end.) I was hoping it would be one of the first shipped, and it seems that's the case, as it's already on its way. (The cover, however, seems like it might take longer.)

I can't wait!


Anisah said...

That's stupid, how come the cover takes longer? Did you get yours engraved?

I have been playing with my daughter's ipad she bought with her holiday and babysitting money. I would have bought one, but with the new one coming out, I thought I'd wait for that. I ordered it online. There was a huge line at the apple store on Friday. I didn't get mine engraved.

What apps do you like from your hubby's ipad?


Amy said...

No telling why, but it's not that big of a deal, really. And I didn't get it engraved because I couldn't really think of anything that I felt was important enough to engrave it with.

The app that I'm most looking forward to downloading is called myQuran. It has the entire vocabulary of the Qur'an, just look at an ayah and see each word individually, then its root letters and definition (really useful for what I'm studying right now.) I think it also has tafseer, and even has help for tajweed, including a makharij diagram of the mouth.

I'm also looking forward to getting the Quran Reader HD from Batoul Apps.

Anisah said...

Now I wonder if my cover is going to take longer. I should get the Ipad this week. I've found some useful apps, will blog about them when I get them on this one. I can't steal my daughter's forever. Tax refunds are awesome!


mezba said...

I still don't understand why people buy an iPad :-) to me it would be far better if it had full pc capabilities.

Amy said...

I use my PC and iPhone throughout the day, and can only speculate so far as to how I'd use an iPad. But I wouldn't use it for taking notes in class--I prefer my keyboard and OneNote for that. Though there is a separate keyboard one can get for the iPad for typing. But I'll probably use my PC for typing, taking notes or even blogging.

But for reading--I have several books on my PC atm as PDFs but it's hard to snuggle in bed with a laptop; I think I'd prefer an iPad for that, and for reading news, blogs, etc. And maybe for taking notes in my Qur'an class.

Once I get it, inshaaAllaah I can write about how I'm actually using it. Should be here Thursday. :-)